Next-gen Input & Output

| Did you have an idea about new way to input or output the computer? Keyboard is too lame. I can't use it forever in the future.

| Gabe said the neurolink is way easier to implement than we thought.

| Neurolink is fascinating. The output I can understand being easy to implement but the actual input? How it works boggles my mind.

| we don't need better output than internet protocols... now let's work on better input xd

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gabe who?

| I think the problem is not input/output but what you're inputting or outputting. Think of it this way, you have maybe another 3 million keystrokes that you'll produce before you die. Keyboard fatigue is just your brain becoming aware of that fact. If you make each keystroke count, then you start looking different at fidelity of input devices. How much meaning can you pack into each keystroke?

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gabe logan newell

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wtf, is gabe newell considered an authority in the field of tech now? this is not the cyberpunk dystopia i signed up for :(

| eather something which could comibine the benefits on a mouse into a keyboard without killing the percision and speed of a mouse
oor what i would truly love
a mouse which actually utilises all 5 fingers
4 buttons
horizontal scrollwheel
3 buttons at least

and if were talking ideals another 2 buttons for the palm

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Neuralink is for humans. Can neuralink be implemented in robots?

| >>683313 what's wrong with gabe doing that stuff? He has endless money to throw at it so why not.

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