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| Looking for an android music player which fucking respects the "Various Artists" as an album artist tag. -.- Jeez! Also replay gain would be epic. Any recommendations?

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I've been using PowerAmp for the exact same reason as you are.

| OP here, open source would be neat too... but if there's no other option except for closed source stuff, well. But like seriously, why does every open source player ignore the album artist tag? I don't get it. :c

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I did a small bit of development for a music player in Android once, the simple answer is that Android MediaStore is such a mess to work with.

Anyway, have you tried VLC, OP? Last I checked I think it handles the tag quite well (or maybe I'm misremembering here.)

| Try neutronmp.com

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PowerAmp is not dead?

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It is in fact, very much alive. The most recent stable update was released last month.

| Jellyfin/Plex work?

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I bought the premium some times ago. Had to move on since the dev kinda abandoned it after the oreo (or pie, I forgot) bugged the UI and skins. Glad to see them back.

| F2k, aimp

| Crack poweramp

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