How do I use youtube-dl?

| I have no idea how to

| Asssuming you have Python installed, it's as easy as 'youtube-dl URL' (or 'python youtube-dl URL') in command line. The default parameters should be good enough.

If not then refer to the installation guide,

It covers installation on major platforms. Feel free to send another post if you're still lost.

| # man youtube-dl will help with any further questions.

| >>681769
since manpages may be outdated and not present in any distro, a more universal solution with probably more up-to-date content:
youtube-dl --help |less

| can i proxy that crap

| How to Google?

| >>681930 idk. Google it.

| >>681797
open a terminal emulator or command-line-interface with the youtube-dl command available (which should be after proper installation), then type:
youtube-dl --help |less
/proxy [Enter]

protip: hit "n" for next and "p" for previous search result.

no google necessary.

| Exactly what issues are being had. Additionally, if command line is a bit complex for your taste, Clipgrab is a viable option, but be sure to have some decent PC specs.

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>decent PC specs
did you just assume my financial status?
also i will never install anything to download stuff off youtube

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Then what are you even doing here wtf?

| >>682378 "I only trust closed source shady websites to download YouTube videos, I would never use open source software to do that on my local machine"

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