What's up with multiple camera phones

| I'm guessing some company made a quad-camera-whatever and the others start copying it just like the front camera notch trend. Because I can't find a modern phone without at least 2 back cameras (and if it doesn't have it, it's gonna look old prly). And I'm gonna take a wild guess that 50% of these 2nd cameras are fake lmao.

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Assuming you don't get really cheap (sub-50 dollars) phone, most of the cameras will usually be real — how and what they perform is another story.

Most higher end phones have a good justification for why they'd want it: phones can't have interchangeable lenses, so the 'logical' workaround is to have many cameras that simulate having many lenses.

And yeah, nowadays it's a case of parotting what's popular (some do innovate on the idea though).

| SE has a single camera.

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