Pinephone: Android-Linux or GNU/Linux?

| Hey there,
I'm definetively going to buy a pinephone. It's superior to everything I've seen so far. The only question that comes up to me is what software I should use. While I'm a big fan of GNU/Linux I have to admit that there is some android software I actually love to use. I see three options for me:
- Install Glo-Droid (OSS Android port) and use AnLinux to run GNU/Linux software
- Install a GNU/Linux distro and run Android Apps with anbox.
- Glo-Droid + GNU/Linux Dis Multiboot

| Until now I used LineageOS with AnLinux, so the first option would be something I'm used to.
But the other options could be interesting too. I just want to hear if some of you have experiences with anbox or multiboot.

| Why not both? You can boot GNU/Linux from the sdcard and run Android from the phone storage.

| Why do freetards always overcomplicate things so much.

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It deffinatly would be nice if things ware simple and free
but you don't get that luxury in a market that's as absolutley fucked as the mobile one

also what's your problem with free things you like burning cash to get fucked?

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Don't respond to obvious bait.

| GNU/Linux is an outdated name for an outdated operating system. GNU has done nothing in support of modern distros. They can suck a dick.

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I'm pretty sure you could find several broken smartphones on a nearest dump, and assemble one working phone from all the parts. Why are you paying money for some pinephone then?

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This is not 4chan's /tech/, please stop being pathetic

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One again you derailed a thread with your knee jerk response. You do realize you keep killing this site, k?

| I dunno personally. I want to have LineageOS or ungoogled Android on mine however I still can't get around it. Any really easy tutorials on how to even root my phone?

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Sure, just google/duckduckgo your phones model + root + walktrough or tutorial.

| xda is the source for modding your phone. >>681654

| Got myself a Pinephone. It's a nice dev thing but not yet ready for everyday use. Especially with the lack of GPU Accel and USB-C being borked on UBPorts. As well as the fact that I had to edit the fstab to mount my microsd and have to copy/paste using the Terminal since the file explorer just gets a heart-attack whenever I try to make it copy something. So it's nice in concept but not there yet.

| Also I plan on using mine mostly as a portable linux system with a Serial-port and a functional usb-c for ethernet, display etc.

| Yo, OP here.
Seems like some people here get triggered by the idea that other people manage to live outside the proprietary hell. And these frustrated people see the cause of their frustration in an actual possible solution - a phenomenon well known from political debates...
Could you please open your own thread if you like to bash free software/hardware and their users?
Thx for the (so far only) actual reply to my question. What bootloader would you use?

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Also thank you too for sharing your experience. Does the lack of GPU Accel affect both gnu/linux and android (glo-droid)?
That's exactly what I aimed on. I already do it with my current android device running google free lineage os and anlinux. Since it has no usb/display/ethernet interface i go over wifi with x2go. KDE-neon runs suprisingly fluent on it, and i would consider lxqt desktop even as daily use ready for me.

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This is my current solution. The problem is that the specs are lower than pinephone, the gps and back camera are broken and replacement parts shipping from china is a bit complicated at the moment. Also it has hardware components that lack of official and community oss support. It also relys on some ugly bootloader hack.
All these are issues I expect to be solved by buying the pinephone. I even have to compile lineageos myself to get security updates, which kind of sucks.

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Haven't tested performance on anything other than UBPorts yet as I didn't really have time for that. For now I'll focus on prodding around various things in the system though trying to get some things to work a little better. Some other things I noticed:
–2gb of ram ain't much these days.
–Poor battery runtime requiring a recharge in the middle of the day.
–Not as Vanilla Linux as I hoped (/etc/fstab gets overwritten on reboot, f2fs won't work even with f2fs-tools)

| [Workaround for the fstab situation: use /lib/init/fstab]

I'm gonna buy a bunch of microsd's tomorrow to test out various systems. I'll keep posting here on my findings

| Ok after a bunch of testing I've found Mobian to be the most usable for now. I even installed Libreoffice for the lulz and it kinda works. Speed is better than in UBPorts and memory usage is waaay better. Arch, pmOS and Manjaro still need some work especially with their Phos implementation. Most things work with Mobian including Bluetooth, Camera, WiFi, GPS. Haven't tested external display yet as I need to buy a dongle for that.

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