So I installed LOS 16

| I did it. My phone is overheating crazy but it works. At least the UI looks nicer except for the app switcher which is inferior than the fast and elegant card stack app switcher of previous version(s). Idk if there is any point in this. I just want to know which OS is best since I'm probably changing phone anyway. But then again UI mostly depends on vendor's stock OS..

| Nice

| Quick review, I really like the UI. Notification and Settings look cleaner. New screenshot editor and floating youtube are neat. Accent color selection finally let me get rid of STUPID TEAL COLOR. Yeah I'm really concerned about UI apparently. Quite superficial..

Battery drain and heating is still a problem though (it runs smooth nonetheless). Cheap phone recs anyone?

| Nevermind my pledge for phone recs. Fuck the phone market. I'm keeping my electronic waste to myself :)

| >>681728
Not phone recommendation but:
If you're getting overheating, I suggest checking the clock speed you're running at. The CPU governor might be 'performance' which is like telling your processor to run at 100% at all time.

If you like theming, I suggest getting to know Substratum. It's a theme engine that gives you a lot of customisation (with themes available in the Play Store).

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Not sure where I can see the CPU governor..? Only battery performance setting which doesn't seem to affect anything.

Substratum looks pretty neat, thanks!

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Plenty of apps allow you to see this (SmartPack, Franco Kernel Manager, etc). I forgot LOS is closer to AOSP, so it has no added feature to view governors...

| >>681745 you need root for that first

| >>681876
OP uses LOS. It's a waste not to root it, however, reading governors are allowed without root through this short command:

cat /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu*/cpufreq/scaling_governor

This may not work with other SoCs aside from Qualcomm and Exynos (both I've tested). The file is readable by all (but not writeable without root), so there shouldn't be any requirement to root.

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I tried that and no directory called cpufreq exists in that path.. I have a snapdragon

| there is cpufreq on /sys/devices/system/cpu/ tho, but no scaling_governor

| >>681939
Can you see if you have any subdirectories with the name 'cpu0' in the /sys/devices/system/cpu?

| If your device has official lineage os, use lineage recovery and lock your bootloader. DON'T USE ROOT

| >>681954 I'm not OP, why do you say not to use root? I have LineageOS rooted with Magisk and it works fine for me.

| >>681942
There is cpu0 - cpu7 but no cpufreq in them

I want to know why not as well

| Even when using magisk manager or similar root manager, rooting for your phone makes it insecure for everyday use as a daily driver. If you have any sensitive information on your phone, DON'T ROOT. And lock your bootloader. Leaving bootloader unlocked opens another can of worms

| >>682162
Can you list all the subdirectories inside those cpu* folders?

The advice of using LOS recovery is unfounded though. TWRP isn't any less secure than LOS, and both are custom recoveries to a tee (except LOS recovery is just a reskinned and repurposed AOSP recovery).

| >>682190 from memory.. cpuidle.. cpuonline.. stats?

I don't have my phone atm. I'm just posting to announce that I found out that android 9 supports DNS over TLS natively and I'm happy to protect myself from DNS injection (my isp does that.. sigh)

| Shit I'm a shitty liar. Alright fine I'm unrooted so I can't check it without adb :/

| The purpose of Los recovery is that, since it's signed with same key as official builds, you can then lock bootloader.

| >>682274
This largely depends on the device. Self-supplied key signing (i.e, not using the keys from the OEM) is only possible on a select number of devices (not on whether or not you have official LOS/LOS recovery); from my memory I can only remember the Pixel lineup as well as some OnePlus phones.

If you lock the bootloader with LOS installed, you'll likely soft brick your phone (as is the case with phones that doesn't normally have unlockable bootloader).

| >>682280 that's the issue with manufacturers being not complaint with android requirements. All devices, that shipped with treble should support this. But yea, pixel and oneplus phones are the only consistent one with support for this. Blame manufacturers, not android

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Nothing in what I said would imply I'm blaming Android. True, OEMs can get downright garbage and dirty with custom implementations.

However, self-signing is in no way related to Project Treble (and therefore, is not at all in the CTS requirement). It depends on the bootloader itself (which, admittedly, still a manufacturer issue). Some devices will still refuse booting from a self-signed image due to how the bootloader trust is configured.

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