Android version tier list

| Marshmallow: terrible app switcher, so F tier
Pie: terrible UI that breaks all UX good practices, also they should've named it Peppermint, Z tier
Gingerbread: so it really is the last good android version, easily SSS tier thanks for watching my tier list smash like and subscribe to jake paul

| Kitkat FTW

| >>680152
> Pie
> Terrible UI
wdym the UI didn't even change that much

I don't know what clouded your memory but GB is GOOD for pre-Holo era, because it's the last before a paradigm shift (before Duarte came along). I wouldn't say it's the best because:
1. No quick settings so enjoy going to three pages of settings to turn off mobile data
2. Pre-2.3.6 had a nasty memory leak
3. Oh yes I enjoy the colour grey
4. Palm OS had better UI and UX

| My tier list would really be:
S. KitKat but w/Stagefright fixes & ART (assuming it doesn't crash, lmao)
A. Nougat & Pie because Project Treble, full mouse support, faster app install, and overall better performance
B. Jellybean, 4.1.2, solely because it didn't ran like the hot garbage ICS did
C. Gingerbread. Surprisingly the reason why I looked down on iOS; plenty of ROMs had unique taste at this era
F. Lollipop: Horrible, unstable. Had a mem. leak issue that slowed down flagships

| Is this a tier list for smartphone versions or for sweet treats? Would love to eat some kitkat right now

| >>680203 this post is what drove Google to name all following Android versions as Q

Here's my entry for the tierlist :
Q - garbage name; easy >F tier

| >>680221
Just a tip: Google won't be naming any version of Android now. It'll just be 10, 11, 12, etc (just like iOS).

Therefore any tier from thereon: >F

| Blackberry os was better.

| >>680233
Noooooo I like the sweet names!!

| Gingerbread UI is terrible. What are you smoking.

| >>680233 prolly cause they can't find confectionery/dessert for each alphabet.

| >>681043
So is half of mobile OS at the time. The only OS that follows some kind of design convention was iOS (and BlackBerry's own OS).

No, the reason was that desserts aren't 'clear'/concise enough (i.e, they don't convey as 'much' meaning as numeric versions), as per Android's VP of PM,

> As a global operating system, it's important that these names are clear and relatable for everyone in the world.

[ https://www.blog.google/products/android/evolving-android-brand/ ]

| Anything below kitkat is a no.

| Fr tho, ice cream sandwich wasn't a thing in my country. Now it's in every convenience stores but my pet theory is that android popularized the snack.

| >>681082 bruh idk why they have to make a version name MoRe ReLatAbLe For EvErYOne. It's gotta be obvious that to anyone that Q is the step up from P

das just me tho i personally accept their decision to do so

| >>681132
It's obvious if you know that the starting letter is what you're supposed to pay attention to, but OEMs will generally market it as, "Android Marshmallow". Which to the general public is like "??"

To be fair a good number of OEMs include the versio number too ("Android 6.0 Marshmallow"), so I have no idea why Google is slurping up accessibility issues from this.

| I'm pretty sure Android 69 will be a very nice os.

| My Androids were:
4.0.4 - pretty nice.
4.1-4.3 - same but better. I miss it. (Any phones on used market with Jelly Bean and LTE?)
4.4 - I didn't have it but using it on my sister's phone sucked.
5.1 - worked flawlessly but the color scheme was TERRIBLE
6.0 - 5.1 but worse (currently using)
8.0 - still no good.
9.0 - the clean one sucked but with Samsung's UI it was nice.

| >>681082 it's still trash. The tier isn't relative. It's about which is the best and the worst. Saying older ones are best because of the other OS during that time is a fallacy.

| >>681996
I didn't say Gingerbread is the best either (look it up, it's down in the bottom for me). I'm saying that the UI doesn't age as well, and other OS had UI nailed way before Android.

| >>682007 ok fair enough. Agreed.

| A: KitKat
B: Jelly Bean. Same as KitKat, lacking few non-vital features and optimisations.
C: Nougat and Gingerbread. Gingerbread is the first bearable android version and Nougat is the last.
Everything else is unusable.

| Jelly bean is not my lover
She's just a girl who thinks that I am the one

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