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Actually good PDF /reader/

| For PC. Most of the things that I see are optimised for some good old-fashioned white collar labor, i.e. have ton of uselles functions, convoluted interface and provide a subpar reading experience.
I just need something that can make bookmarks, notes and present a book in a readable way. Can you recommend anything?

| I used to have Bookworm installed for this. It's a PDF reader meant for eBooks (as the name implies). I don't know the development state ATM though.

| Sumatra is pretty simple and minimalist. Not really sure about the bookmark/notes function though.

| I second Sumatra. Very lightweight, can read PDF and EPUB nicely, but also have nearly no feature beside reading. It can read table of contents, but you can't add your own bookmarks/notes.

| You can also use Okular both in Linux and Windows if you want to add notes, comments or draw without unnecessary stuff

| Hi guys, i dunno wtf u are, but Sumatra is the only reader i've met that can read corrupt pdf's. Cheers

| i use Okular too

| Zathura for linux, Sumatra for windows

| I've been using Sumatra for some time now - and I think that's it.
Thank you everyone!

| Emacs

| Okular is the best F/LOSS reader I know. It's a part of KDE, like so often (but not always) with superior free (as in freedom) Software.

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This thread is permanently archived