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did cpu improvement stagnate?

| we get smaller chips and more cores but where's my 5 ghz

| There are 5ghz chips available if you want 'em. But we are, overall, at "optimisation" stage. Mostly because of smartphones, ultrabooks and all those other gismos that should not burn user's skin off.

| Frequency does not equal performance

| CPU improvment is fine. It's software improvement that doesn't only stagnate but even degenerates - also thanks to CPU improvement (more resources to waste available) honestly: people these days rely on "apps" that require 4+ cpu cores and GBs of RAM just for the exchange of text messages...

| no

| >>674170
Ugh, for real. On one hand, it's good that development is easier and more people can make more apps, but I wish people realise that not everyone have gigabytes of ram just lying around.

| >>674170
True. Modern environment expects multicore cpu so an unoptimized app can stall 1 core all they want and people with old 1-2 core netbooks/laptop just have to suck it up with constant freezing. At least ram can still be increased.

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This thread is permanently archived