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Best Internet Browser?

| I've been using Chrome all my life but these days I see a lot of people talking shit about it. What do you use and recommend using?

| Firefox

The moment we all stop using Firefox will mark the start of a monopoly of the web by a single browser engine controlled by a giant ad company, since all the other big modern browsers are either chrome, or chromium-based browsers.

| Alright downloading now. I will tinker around with it a little. Any other suggestions?

| Seems good for now. What are the best add-ons for firefox

| >>672676
uBlock origin
Adblocker for youtube
uMatrix if you're an "advanced user" or want to learn a bit about how websites works. It's my most trusted add-on. Essentially it allows you to chose exactly what you want to block and/or load on any website you visit.

| Duck Duck Go

| >>672724
duck duck go isn't a browser, it's a search engine. also it's honestly not that great as from my experience, the search results tend to be inaccurate. and it's not really as private as it claims to be as it's hosted in the US

| >>672729
>the search results tend to be inaccurate
I disagree about this part. It's not as easy as Google, sure, but you can always find what you're searching for if you put the effort in.

>and it's not really as private as it claims to be as it's hosted in the US
They claim that they're not tracking you and they're not. This claim holds true.

They never made any promises or comments about you staying 100% anonymous from all sources so don't blame them for it.

| >>672734
>It's not as easy as Google, sure, but you can always find what you're searching for if you put the effort in.

fair enough, but the majority of people don't want to put extra time into finding what they're looking for

>They claim that they're not tracking you and they're not. This claim holds true.

true, but they also claim to be private, which isn't very easy to do when you're a centralized service hosted in a country that neglects digital privacy.

| >>672742
Taken directly from their website:
>You deserve privacy online. And now with DuckDuckGo’s help, you can learn how to get it.

Doesn't seem like they're making the claim to be 100% private. It's kinda dishonest to blame them for something they never even said.

| I've never had issues with DDG results. I can always find what I need to with ease.

| They are all same-ish. I'd recommend switching to firefox just to fight the good fight, but I doubt that you'll notice any real difference.

| Idk I use brave

| Firefox

| Brave if too lazy to set up, otherwise Firefox.

| Firecuck succumbed to the blink, it's al the same shit now.

| >>672895

| I'd use Brave if it's not too bloated.
Ungoogled Chromium on desktop, Bromite on phone.

| >Talking about bloat
>Still using chromium

t. retard

| >>672905 >>672895

I swear this place is becoming 4chan day by day

| >>672919
I hope not.
I'm here because I don't want 4chan.

| >>672958 yeah me too

| >>672895
What is "the blink"?

| Firefox dev/beta more features than stable without the crashing of nightly, ublock origin, umatrix throw a tamper monkey in there maybe a stylus

| >>672905
>trying this hard to fit in

| Not a browser but the best browser addon imo is "HTTP Switchboard", gives a lot of control to your every day browsing

| I've been through Chrome, Firefox, Vivaldi and Opera, but now I use Brave and I'm happy with it.

| >>will mark the start of a monopoly

Sure theres no monopoly but we have been suffering the effects of only having 2 options which is hardly better
_Websites must support new google standards or be made obscure_

Now there are other browsers but the feature set is so lacking and due to there only being 2 leading ones
_No third party innovation happens_
while supporting the existing standards could not be done by any goverment in under a decade.

| Yo, what's so good about Brave tho?

| There's only one correct answer to this - Firefox.

Nuff said.

| >>672698
I'd add EFF Privacy badger to that list of addons.

| I use fennec nowadays for mobile, along with firefox klar (european version of firefox focus) if fennec's addon hodgepodge breaks a site. For desktop, I use Firefox Quantum w/the above listed addons, have a ESR Firefox handy for sites that no longer work (like roll20) and Ungoogled Chromium for when either of those options break.

| I've also been using duckduckgo since it was new, and while it was definitely rough in the beginning, nowadays its around the same level of accuracy to google in my experience. I started using it mainly because I was annoyed with google changing my search results based on what it *thinks* it knows about me, while searching the same terms with DDG will give you the same answers no matter who you are.

I tried out searX and startpage for a time, but searX is abysmally slow and startpage started doing some retarded shit like random capchas and just overall user unfriendliness.

| How's opera nowadays? It used to run super smooth.

| >>673765

| Oh, I use an internet. My grandson told me it was a calm cast. That's the one I use.

| http://davide.eynard.it/malawiki/PowerBrowsingEn.html

| Microsoft edge

| >>674161
sharp af

| Opera?

| >>673765 opera is just chrome now

| Operagx, period.

| >>672958 what's wrong with 4chan?

| Just sell ye soul to the alphabet corporation for your ease. What have you got to hide?

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