Disable AC connection on laptop via Software

| Is it possible? I would love to automatize a system to basically save Battery durability and Electricity fees. I know new generation devices come with an option to limit the charge up to a selected % level, and that makes me think via software the laptop stops receiving electricity from the AC charger, but as I can't find any detailed information all I can do is speculate and wonder.

| No standard for doing this exists and honestly it needs not to
something like this should be on the hardware/charger of the battery itself making it software would overcomplicate things for no benefit

but if you just wanna stick with
"software make things go good"
you can go buy a laptop from the morons at lenovo
(possibly a few others but not many)

| migth of been a bit to salty there just having a bad time with IoT stuff and this just seemed to be in the same spirit of it but to sum up an actuall anwser:

No, every rare instance of laptops having this kind of functionality has its own special way of doing it, to my knowladge

| It's possible only if there's a related micro controller chip installed in the laptop.

| On linux you can use tlp or powertop. Also lenovo got their own software to setup charging threshold in windows. Both works on my machine, not really sure about other brands tho.

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