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Looking for phone

| I want something below 6 inches, something with replaceable battery and 4G network. It just needs to have 1GB pf RAM and preferably 4 cores. That's all I need so I can lurk /u/ and phone. My current phone is good but the battery life is a joke.

| What price range are you in?

| >>669527 around $100

| What you want is fairphone 3. Pay up

| Well the pine phone matches your requirements.
But in it's current stage its rly a developer phone.

| Just get the one with android go.

| S5

| >>669590 sadly it's an AMOLED display which is definitely burnt by today. I'd rather stick with anything else than AMOLED
there's a lot of phones like these but which one exactly? I don't wanna buy something that will have dead battery by 2021.
overhyped :/

| >>669603
Nokia 2 then.

| >>669605 Non removable and given that the phone is 3 years old now.. sorry g/u/rl but that's not what I'm looking for.

| >below 6 inches

| >>669613
>tablet as a phone
you must go back

| >>669611
Blackberry q10. It's even older and it's goddamn awesome

| >>669618
not a fan of Blackberry. If anything I'd like a traditional touchscreen phone.

| Lg tribute empire
Galaxy a2 core

| >>669624
both seem really nice but both are pretty much unavailable here :c

| >>669617
... a phone?

| >>669627
Then give up some of your requirements

| LG was pretty decent on terms of removable batteries and cheap phones. Consider looking further into their different lines.

| >>669603
Nokia 2.2, it was released only last year.

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