How's firefox lately?

| I have been using palemoon as a browser for a few years mainly for its interface, but it's now diverged from firefox that i haven't been able to run some scripts and addons, and it seems like some sites don't like it either. So i was thinking of switching back to Firefox... how has it been doing lately? I know some people say it isn't actually non corporate, if they aren't just cranks are there other more compatible but good alternatives? I'm not really up on the browser discourse

| What are you looking for in a browser?

| Secretly updates doubt trust

| Not a huge fan of palemoon devs

As for Firefox proper, I've been using it since before the new rendering engine and it works just fine for me.
Personally like the new ui with the slim and dark themes and I like how I can choose what goes where, but I've been told the older ui had some features this doesn't but I never used them so idk

I use the dev/beta branch, you could probably get away with stable these days since they killed Aurora build

| Firefox's just fine

| Firefox 68 is fine. The newest one isn't. You may want to be interested in IceCat

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What's wrong with the newest version of Firefox?


I feel like that's probably a big chunk of the dislike for modern ff but oh well

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Anyone wanna enlighten the rest of us as how the new Firefox is different and why people dislike it?

| It's mediocre. The problem is that everything is mediocre now, it doesn't make a difference what browser do you use.

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What's mediocre about it?

| >>657348 my post was poking fun at those people

I have heard the UI change threw people's workflow out the window and that it's less customizable but other than that no idea

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>it doesn't make a difference what browser do you use
Technically you're right: All Browsers have become some kind of parasite on peoples systems. But at least Firefox is based on a free software licence (=mozilla). It's not much, but it's not nothing too.

| >>657348 the ui got shittier, has telemetry turned on by default in some instances and also lags on certain google based sites compared to the ESR.

| Same as usual.. But little i'm thinking about move to chromium..

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| >>e01fb0 palemoon?? that fu- furry browser??? furry malware!!!

| >>657761 oooh did I miss drama tell me more

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