should I use GPLv3?

| I want to publish an open source app that should never become closed source.

on another note, can I make closed source alterations to it after publishing it in GPL? or will the GNU project be able to sue me for making my own GPL app proprietary again ? :p

| nevermind me I guess, the 2nd question has been answered: https://softwareengineering.stackexchange.com/questions/331846/dual-license-with-gpl-and-a-closed-source-license


| I really want something simple as bsd but copyleft and viral, good luck with the license hunt op

| Restrictive licences are cancer. So closed source is cancer, as mjch as 'viral" open source licences.

| >>657275 you're a cancer

| >>657346 And you're salty because you're one of those stupid elitists who believe that removing free will from others is good because you're right and they're wrong.

| >>a5f8b1 >>4fb386
Calm down, gurls.

| >>657888
Nice strawman.

| >>657888 should people be allowed to own things?

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