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| What search engines do you g/u/rls use? I personally use searx instance called searx.ninja. I set up Google for it's general search and it works like a charm.
Let's exclude DuckDuckGo, StartPage and Qwant from this discussion as they're claiming to be what they are not.

| Are those rumors about duckduckgo really confirmed? The last time I looked into it there were no evidence, only baseless rumors and memes.

| I use ddg

| Google for everything that is not porn picks.
Yandex for porn picks.
Ddg for trying it out again and being disappointed.
Searx for anonymous search.

| ddg has worked well for me. Idk fam.

| ddg won't give you personalized results, but if you want personalized results, all you need to do is tell Google-chan all about you. All... about you...

| I'm sorry but what's wrong with ddg?

| Apparently, it's Bing powered.

| >>656470
Lol no it isn't

| Ddg gets their results from numerous other browsers, Bing being ONE of them. So although it's fair to say Bing helps power ddg, it'd be misleading to say ddg is Bing powered. Because although it technically is, it's got lots of other places it pulls from.

| I honestly don't see the problem with it, even if it were powered by Bing

| The results do sometimes feel like Bing
Often have to use Google for more specific queries

| Wait so the privacy problem is still eliminated with DDG, right?

| Well not eliminated but you get what I mean, it's just the bing-powered which is the worry

| Wus wrong with DuckDuckGo? I haven't seen anything on the subject of Duck being bad at all.

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