Could you make a Turing machine with VA-11 Hall-A?

| Hello, non /tech/ gurl here. I was wondering if it can be done.

From what I understand, you need a tape with the 1s and 0s, and a head to read and change them acording to the instructions.

So let's say Stella, Dorothy and Sei are on screen, sober is 0 and drunk is 1. That would be our tape.

Then Jill serves them either a Bad Touch to change them from Drunk to Sober, or a Fringe Weaver to change them from Sober to Drunk. Then Jill would be the head that changes the tape.

| Instead of 2 drinks, let's say Jill serves 6 drinks, of which, two change 1s into 0s, two change 0s into 1s, and two change nothing.

Then, one of each group of drinks is a trigger for a scene that moves to the left character, and the other one is the trigger for the character to the right.

So Jill could give Dorothy a Fringe Weaver, turn her drunk, move to the left, which is Stella. Or she could give Dorothy a Sugar Rush, nothing changes, and move to the right, Sei.

| This is overly complicated, yes - but in theory it could work...
If I was better at game dev/modding I might give it a shot, but I'm absolutely shite at that.

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