Arch Master Race

| Where my Archies at?

| Here.

Thinking of switching to Debian after 10 years of Arch.

| >>654011 Arch with dwm is comfy

| tbh I don't think anything else on any distro even compares to pacman

| Hello I'm also tech illiterate but love flexing on using obscure, unusable hobbyist operating system distributions unfit for any serious use

| >>654609
ok, "tech illiterate" is just bad bait
but the rest is like saying
"this cake is not suitable for industrial construction"
while your not wrong, you are a bit of an autist

| >>c2ed48 >Unusable
only if you are incompetent

| >>654844
He's obviously not a Linux user. Why even bother responding to his kneejerk reactions.

But what you're saying is true. Any Linux distro is fit for any use if you know what you're doing.

| >>654857
I actually am (openSUSE), but arch linux and its community are the most dangerous thing in the Linux world.

Everything done in arch linux is basically shipping software directly from upstream with very little QA, leveraging that need to the actual developers of each package.

Couple that with the need to browse wikis and configure critical configurations by hand, and you got lots of newcomers with a messed up system in the inside.

| >>654862
Then, add its community forming a cool kids club (a good example would be the pcmasterrace thing on reddit) and recommending it to everyone, and you end up with non-technical oriented people who have no real clue installing an operating system from the wiki and forum questions.

This directly translates to a flood of issues directed to upstream projects of 'x does not work' 'btw I use arch', where the only issue is the distro having a package or configuration fuck up

| >>654609
holly hecc! based
fuck arch linux, fuck the arch wiki, fuck pacman, fuck archwomen.org and fuck r/archlinux
pd: most arch users are probally tech illiterate traps who only use it because the logo matches their white and blue striped programming socks

| >>c2ed48 >>f2b0e5
Obvious samefag is obvious.

Less autistic shitposting in the future, pls.

| I use arch btw

| Arch follows a stupid mentality that's quite common in the tech area.

Under the pretext of "customizability", they are pure crap when it comes to ergonomy and intuitiveness. Sure, if you spend 30 years learning how to use it properly, you'll be able to stop wasting too much time on it.

I'm pretty sure the guys at Arch are the kind who love vim/emacs and never use a mouse. Not because it's efficient (it isn't), but because it lets them stay in their little group of old hipsters.

| >>c2ed48 >>f2b0e5 >>a7131a
No one cares about your autistic distro war. Let it go already.

| >>655056

And this is how you end up with circlejerks like Arch. I am not going to go deeper into the fake samefag thing, but you need help.

| >>655079

you just outed yourself as a pleb. you have been right about everything.the "customizability" thing is just mumbo-jumbo you are making up on the go. arch is a linux distro which provides a base system and software packages. the ergonomy and intuitivity seems to be related more with the package choice of the user.

and vim is nice i guess. i just use the basic features but it's useful when you have to do editing in a remote machine. i don't like bulky editors like atom.

| >>654864
ook none of that is a big deal
ergonomy and intuitiveness
Everyone knows and accepts arch is shit for this

| I don't use arch but all of y'all care too much, it's a distro for people with a lot of time who want to learn the internals, if you use it for the clout you're dumb, if something breaks because your setup and you bother the developers you're dumb and that's how shit gets locked down so stop

| If you're upset enough to reee at every arch user you're also dumb

| Fact: All distros are Leenux (except Hyperbola which apparently is trying to use the BSD kernel now) only with or without bloat and ease or difficulty in initial setup. Been using Fedora for over a year now after years of Arch and management of multiple distros on remote boxes.
"All distros are the same" - Confucius (circa 2013)

| >>655215 Also this wrong, Arch teaches nothing about internals. I doubt anyone retains most of the installation process (they even split up the wiki due to this). If anything it teaches you to edit configuration files.

| >>655234
Well if you want to contribute to the AUR you have to lern about program dependencies and how to compile.
I mean you do lern a few things that most ppl using most other distros wont like installing a desktop/login and pretty mutch all software youll be using seapretly, you dont just get a prepackaged suite of programs.

| Noob here. Can barely navigate with command line. Why is arch special? Bc Ubuntu/Mint or vs Debian. They seem to be the same to me.

| >>655595
as i see it there are 2 main diffrances
-The package manager (pacman) and the AUR that come with ( to my knowladge) the most extencive list of packages that should always be on the newest version.
-it forces you to pick and configure your own software and install your own system

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