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my file disappeared pls halp

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so my file is called fodder and it's an extentionless text file. it didn't really disappear it just went to 0 bytes for no reason and was empty. testdisk doesn't tell me anything. after a wrong manipulation i filled the fodder file with 100MB of random crap that makes no serious sense like here's a snippet: 0:�R�NTFS ^@^B^H^@^@^@^@^@^@^@�^@^@?^@�^@^@^H^@^@^@^@^@^@�^@�^@�^_^C^@^@^@^@$
398:A disk read error occurred^@
427:BOOTMGR is missing^@

how to get file back? no tmp!

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| you know how some files don't have an extension in linux? how do i restore that? is it even possible to get my data back since the fodder file is still there?

| where does that file come from, what is it edited by

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i made it by right click create document empty file. then i opened it with gedit and wrote stuff in it and saved it like that.

| i did a shitty infosec course last year and we did a session using Autopsy (an ancient version with a web interface) which is a digital forensic software. it allowed you to see inodes and unallocated data blocks. maybe you could try to search for some pattern you remember in the file, a word or something. But you should try to do the analysis in another partition or a live usb, avoid using the partition while you can.

| also if your file size is 0 bytes, looks like it was truncated. that's why i suggested using some forensics tool. if you're lucky, you may find some of the (now) unallocated data blocks that belonged to the file

| >autopsy tells me to go to http://localhost:9999/autopsy once i launch it but it no connection not found.

| fuck everything

| This is a good opportunity for reminding to make regular backups

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are you running autopsy with sudo?

| Extensions on Linux don't matter that much, and to put one just use mv file file.txt

If you don't know what you're doing you should make sure you know what the commands you are running do so you don't fill your files with random data :p

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