Top-tier FOSS android apps you use

| >NewPipe
Youtube client, lets you download, listen in background, and is very lightweight
Facebook client with video downloader and other useful tools, also lightweight
>Kiwi browser
Best chrome replacement so far, since Bromite crashes on my phone

| >Dashchan
A chan browser that also supports danger/u/

| gotify, syncthing, syncorg

| ios

| NewPipe is OP. Basically reverts all the soykaf changes YouTube's been making these past few years (such as audio stopping when you lock your phone), and adds it's own super handy features like playing on repeat. If you have an Android, you should have NewPipe. Find it on the F-Droid store, g/u/rls.

| >Tachiyomi
An awesome app for reading, finding and downloading comics and manga
Self explanatory
Like newpipe but only fetches the sound. Useful for saving bandwidth.
Sweet terminal emulator

| >Intra
to customise your DNS provider

| >>648801
i used newpipe a couple years ago but ended up sick of it because it was broken most of the time. now i use termux + youtube-dl + termux-url-opener script and its very nice

| >>651698
>a couple years ago
I used to feel the same way, but now things are fixed for the most part.
They got lots of improvement, too.

| >>651718
idk, it was shilled pretty hard on /g/. there was also mintube which featured the floating video screen before Googleâ„¢ introduced it with youtube premium

| >>651862 that's still there. And you can also turn your phone off and have music still play in the background. It's kinda like YouTube before it was soykaf.

| >>648902 just wanted to say newpipe also does the audio only thing, and if it's broken you can side load beta builds from the GitHub faster than fdroid updates

| >>648902 holy shit tachiyomi is based and op as fuck

| >>653499
Tachiyomi has basically single-handedly got me back into reading Manga
I don't have the time to sit at my desk and read the websites for hours at a time anymore, and I've not got enough mobile data to check the sites on the go - but with Tachiyomi I can just download every chapter I want and read it during my commute, or during my lunch break at work; it is so fucking based

| >Vanilla Music
Started using this back in the Oreo days when Poweramp was basically abandoned.
It's a minimalist music player with cover and metadata fetch, also tag editor plugin.

| >andOTP
I dislike the monopoly Googs has with their Authenticator app. Your 2FA codes are encrypted at rest, easy to import/export.

>Scrambled Exif
It just strips your photos/videos of all its metadata to help preserve your privacy.

The best FOSS email client I've ever used. There's a paid tier for a few extra niceties, and tbh when you see how frequently the solo dev works on this bad boi, you'll want him to take your money. Integrates well with OpenKeychain too.

| I'm surprised that no one has said anything about https://vanced.app/

YouTube ads is bads

| prism-break.org and privacytools.io have some interesting FOSS addons and apps.

| >>673327
Because Vanced isn't FOSS. It's a modification of the YouTube app.

| Use newpipe instead actually Foss

| >>673327
Because it's not FOSS and NewPipe is better.

| I'm a fan of firefox for android and k-9 mail. Tried the Slide reddit client today, and it seems nice enough.

| kuroba is nice

| icecat mobile

| >>675944 I've found that k-9 mail sends all of my autosaved drafts drafts to people, which since i overthink things meant that people would get like 20 slightly different versions of an email. I worked around it for a while by not entering the recipients until i was done but watch out

| I've been using OpenBoard and FOSS Browser, both are on F-Droid.

| Invidious isn't an app, but can be added to you launcher like an app. It's a better alternative to YouTube than NewPipe. Also, TuxCart.

| Any map/gps? Can be offline but can be online

| >>681626
Based. Currently using it since NewPipe broke again.

| >>683410
OsmAnd, based on open street maps.

| Bitwarden- password manager
Aurora droid- fdroid client
Trying out joplin, don't know how to set up webdav for mega though
Webapps- use for instagram, reddit, and porn
Signal- currently no contacts, but using as sms app, wish they'd add more features wrt sms

| > Foxy Droid
An F-Droid client that's got little fuss and whistles. It's a straightforward package manager. Recommended if you think the original F-Droid client is bloated.

| AdAway for blocker ads
Bromite for Chrome-base browser
Termux for powerful terminal
FBReader for reading e-books in many formats
Minimal for very simple todo list

| I like AAT for tracking my physical activities, namely biking. Cool shit.

| I don't actually use it, but Offline Survival Manual for Android is tiny and could be useful at some point, as it includes instructions for making a 5v power supply out of aluminum, copper, and seawater.

| >>692128
What, this sounds awesome. Gonna download it straight away!

my favorite sms app hands down

| >KDE Connect
Awesome app to make my android phone and my linux laptop work as one complete ecosystem. Phone notifications on my laptop screen, run linux command on my laptop via phone, use phone as a touchpad and even more! And that's not counting plasma integration (i use XFCE).
Probably one of the most beneficial apps i used

| >>696229
note that if you use any app like signal, when it updates private notifications (when you authenticate into the app, if you have that enabled) it pushes all of the private notifications to your PC too

found that out when I was in a signal groupchat a while back, less than ideal imo

| >NCalcLibre
NCalc+ sans GP services (IzzyOnDroid repo)
Keyboard w/o Internet access (using with Mozc for Japanese input)
pixiv ad-free frontend (not on F-Droid because Google Analytics)
>KISS launcher
Lightweight search based launcher

| >>648802 How do I set up dashchan?

| >>698356
Download and install the apks of client, then webm extension, then board extensions of your choice (4chan, dangeru, etc).
All of them available on their github.

| FastHub Libre: almost always the best way to browse GitHub on mobile.
I'm hoping they add GitLab support in future!

| >>700286
Dangeru's board list doesn't populate anything past /search/, which isn't a valid board...

| >>176273 Nevermind, looks like it's been broken for a long time.

| >Telegram foss
Foss version on F-droid. Reeplaces whatsapp.
>Computational demonology
Cast, summon, make spiritual barriers using mathematical algoritms.
>Tri Rose
A simple app to draw Rhodonea curves.

| Hendroid for hentai (this one is turbobasil)
Tachiyomi for reading manga
Vinyl for playing music
Book Reader for reading books(wow)

| Freezer for music

| >>696229 you're not fanboying over the shared clipboard?

nice keepass frontend for android, has otp support and fingerprint lock, if you're into that

| >>671196 imagepipe also seems good!

| VLC because VLC, Fennic, Element, Signal

| >>705711
>Computational demonology

Haha, this is cool.

| C:geo for geocaches.

| >>745888
is not open source, sorry.

| Why does signal require phone nr? :trollface:

| I'm on rooted degoogled phone. Adaway adblocker. Fennec browser. Librera reader. VLC. Shelter to create a work profile, and Aurora store installed within shelter to install Google apps.

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