Top-tier FOSS android apps you use

| >NewPipe
Youtube client, lets you download, listen in background, and is very lightweight
Facebook client with video downloader and other useful tools, also lightweight
>Kiwi browser
Best chrome replacement so far, since Bromite crashes on my phone

| >Dashchan
A chan browser that also supports danger/u/

| gotify, syncthing, syncorg

| ios

| NewPipe is OP. Basically reverts all the soykaf changes YouTube's been making these past few years (such as audio stopping when you lock your phone), and adds it's own super handy features like playing on repeat. If you have an Android, you should have NewPipe. Find it on the F-Droid store, g/u/rls.

| >Tachiyomi
An awesome app for reading, finding and downloading comics and manga
Self explanatory
Like newpipe but only fetches the sound. Useful for saving bandwidth.
Sweet terminal emulator

| >Intra
to customise your DNS provider

| >>648801
i used newpipe a couple years ago but ended up sick of it because it was broken most of the time. now i use termux + youtube-dl + termux-url-opener script and its very nice

| >>651698
>a couple years ago
I used to feel the same way, but now things are fixed for the most part.
They got lots of improvement, too.

| >>651718
idk, it was shilled pretty hard on /g/. there was also mintube which featured the floating video screen before Googleâ„¢ introduced it with youtube premium

| >>651862 that's still there. And you can also turn your phone off and have music still play in the background. It's kinda like YouTube before it was soykaf.

| >>648902 just wanted to say newpipe also does the audio only thing, and if it's broken you can side load beta builds from the GitHub faster than fdroid updates

| >>648902 holy shit tachiyomi is based and op as fuck

| >>653499
Tachiyomi has basically single-handedly got me back into reading Manga
I don't have the time to sit at my desk and read the websites for hours at a time anymore, and I've not got enough mobile data to check the sites on the go - but with Tachiyomi I can just download every chapter I want and read it during my commute, or during my lunch break at work; it is so fucking based

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