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Why dont people like tiktok

| It's just a remake of vine on a platform arguably more suited for it. Why so much hate?

| Because of all the cringe on it. CRINGE CRINGE CRINGE

| I don't know. I just look at it and gag instantly. It's disgusting.

| I don't like it because it's a Chinese botnet

| Never used vine or tiktok, but as an outsider, I see vines (at least the one linked to me) are more about short vlogs, short skits, and meme. Meanwhile, tiktoks that I see are mostly dances, karaoke/lypsinc, and reactions.

Oh, both of them are cringy to some degree, but tiktok is more cringy because you pretend like cringy dances and bad vocals that only mean to you are worth watching.

Also sometimes I get tiktok ad on youtube; the music, the jump cuts just make me gags.

| China is creepy.

| I don't us it, but saying it's bad because china... has the us and other countries stopped putting their spyware in things in the last few months? Free software

| Hit the wrong button *people sure stopped caring about free software fast when another country became relevant

| It's chinese and worse than Vine.
Also, my friends and even one who haven't talked to me since evet keep asking me to install TikTok so that I can use their refferal code in "TikBonus" which apparently is some money making bullshit TikTok has started here in my country.

| >>9863c3 what country?

| I thought it would be a replacement Vine but its become (or maybe became) garbage.

long live Vine.

| I think tiktok for a much younger age group. That said, had to leave this here. https://www.udemy.com/course/tik-tok-masterclass/

| I don't like it for the same reasons I don't like the other centralized and closed network text-messaging services that rely on exclusive proprietary client software.

| some poltards complain that it affects women in a way that they post vids of them dancing which could be considered mildly erotic and those videos get plenty of comments from chads ("uuu, u shak it so well bby" and so on). but those are poltards
I dislike endless scroll content apps, therefore I'm not fond of tiktok and didn't install it on my phone

| >>650724
These are not poltards.

| >>648368
Cuz old people don't understand the new generation.

| most of the content there is shit, also china

| Doesn't tiktok also censor out poor and ugly people? Or was that just in China?

| Tik Tok is pretty good tbh, just as anything on the internet, it got flooded with cringey content that's hard to endure

| Tik Tok is pretty good tbh, just as anything on the internet, it got flooded with cringey content that's hard to endure

| >>651013 from what I know yes it was a marketing thing, show attractive people and more people will hang around

| My friend convinced me to install tik tok, and tbh I was pretty disappointed, I didn't find something I liked, I just cringed

| Why does your friend want you to install spyware

| >>650724
Incel alert! Incel alert!

| >>651284 ehh they seem to be referring to incels but don't appear to be one themselves from that comment alone

Besides Chad is pretty common outside that group Stacy isn't though so if someone uses that term seriously you've got em

| >>651284
Go back to reddit.

| Why is this the most commented thread on /tech/? It barely fits the criteria.

| >>651562 didn't matter, had posts

| >>651562 welcome to modern /tech/

Tech related topics get like 5 posts half the time and the meme ass ones live for months

| In other words only 5 people know what they're doing *smug anime face*

| it's mainly people dancing and usually looking stupid in the process so idc about it

| there's more cringe on it than vine for this age.

| yknow, like the ratio of cringe to the age.... or something...

| >>650784

| i hate it because the people around me like it. don't get me wrong, i'm not a kill joy kind of person but hell, i hear the same songs over and over again and people ask me to do dumb shit for their tiktok videos

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