I want to be a freelance web developer but

| I like building websites and UI. I like tangling around with HTML/CSS/JS. I don't even mind having to keep up with the nonsense of front-end development.

But I can't design a website! My layouting is shit and my colour sense is wack! I like to recreate websites (especially turning bloated ones into something much lighter), but I can't design one from scratch!

Can I still make a career out of this?

| Yes. Most of the time, you are given a strict rule of what the client wants and don't want (assuming the client isn't a complete ass and has their requirements intact), so all you gotta do is follow instructions.

If the client is vague and ambiguous, good luck ever pushing any decent result then. At least that's why you'll want to work with a team.

| I'm just worried because most of the people I know who want to have a website don't actually have a design in mind, just (at least) an idea of what they want to put in there.

Yeah, I should team-up, but I haven't met anyone who's even remotely interested in this kind of thing yet.

| >>637545 you could try getting a basic design in Photoshop approved by client then transfer that to real website later

Maybe take some online ui design class or something

| >>637559
Oh believe me, I've been trying to design a lot of websites already. It's just that most of them ends up being shit, and not even 2000s geocities shit, and now everytime I open the app I just feel crushing despair.

I'd love to take online design classes, but I just haven't found one that's actually useful. I feel like I just don't have the *sense* to understand it.

(this is op btw)

| I can't design good sites ether so unfortunately I can't help you

Maybe static site generator, most of them have templates to work from that should look ok?

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