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| Hi. I am a bit of a luddist and quite frankly don't give a shit about specks. I just want a robust phone for work - and I've thought that any cheap chineseum smartphone can smoothly run my messengers, browser and bank clients. I was wrong. What's your g/u/rls take on best bang for the buck option? Also, my hands are tiny and I can't live without a headphone jack. Giant bulge of a battery will be appreciated too.

| Tiny phones? Sony makes those, but good luck getting one. Last I checked Amazon though, an Xperia X Compact is £80. It comes with decent specs, and its XZ1 Compact cousin isn't too far from that price.

If you're fine settling with bigger phones, I suggest getting a second-hand phone. The LG G5 is fairly cheap, same goes to OnePlus 3 and 3T, as well as the ZTE Axon 7 (basically, anything around the Snapdragon 820 range).

| Alternatively, go for Huawei. They do some decent offerings, but that's if your country allows the use of their phones (nudge nudge, US, nudge nudge). Their specs aren't too shabby either.

| >cheap chineseum smartphone can smoothly run my messengers
well you ware rigth almost

If all you care about is solid construction and price just go on aliexpress, type in "MTK6580 phone" and you can get something that is structually leagues better then anything else for ~30eur
_it can run anything_ as far as hardware goes.

The value on those phones is insane.
Thats as long as you manage to flash it with a OS thats not from the last decade.

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MT658x is OLD. As in, ancient. Even if you flash, hell, LOS17 or something new, it's still an old chip. Get something newer or if you're getting it old, get something powerful (MT65xx was a mid-range even in its debut).

| My current smartphone "rocks" snapdragon 410, which as far as I can tell loosely resembles MT658x chips speck-wise. Which explains a lot if you say that it's pretty ancient and requires some special woodo to get going. Should've done my research. But I would've thought that quad-core 1,4Gz machine with 2gb of RAM and Linux is capable of running some primitive apps without painfully freezing and coughing blood. Guess the world of smartphones is even weirder than I thought.

| Sadly I cant install something like LOS, because it doesn't have banking software that I can't live without. Guess I'll just look in direction of what the first g/u/rl suggested. Sony XZ1 Compact looks sexy as hell and a lot beefier as far as I can tell. Thank you everyone.

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Careful, Sony shamelessly abandoned the xz1c so it will never be updated again, with all the security implications it brings.

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Sony does that a LOT, but same goes for any cheap Chinese smartphones. Good luck ever getting anything higher than the stock OS without something like Treble.

| I just got my Pixel 3a last month for ~269 and it's actually better than expected. Compact size, smooth stock android performance, good camera software, one day battery, headphone jack, and I have no problem with lack of sd card slot since you get unlimited storage of high quality pics in google photos.

| I'm still reppin the LG V20. the replacable battery + the quad DAC is unbeatable QoL. it is not small though, the screen is rather expansive, but if that's the only sacrifice I have to make it's worth it. also it's only like 100 bucks for a refurbished one

| I mean Nexus5 is still an extrodenerally popular phone with frankly the best software support i've seen

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The iPhone 5s came out in 2013 and is still supported. Just sayin.

| >>638163
Runs a good lot of things horribly though.

| I used an older iPhone for a bit, and I was only able to download about one in every 20 apps due to software updates being unavailable to me. Certain types of apps were absolutely hopeless, and I wasn't able to find any suitable replacement. I now use it as an MP3 player. Just my personal experience with older iPhones.

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