Did someone hack me

| I found a note i hadnt written in my notepad on my phone that just said "see". I was scared af at first but im calm now because ive nothing to hide. Wtf tho how

| Tbh g/u/rls never assume youre safe on the internet. Dont keep anything too embarrasing in your files.

| >>637240 or just use encryption with a strong password

| You probably wrote it when you were drunk op

| I'm hacking your mind as we speak right now.

| >>637239
>nothing to hide
you don't have any passwords/money
( e.g. card number) to hide?

even if so, your pc can still get fucked / be used to spread a virus or be used as an host for child porn

but ye probably this

| >>637239
Occam's Razor tells me it's probably a pocket dial except it started notepad and two letters that are very close to each other.

Do you remember picking up your phone sometime and noticed you forgot to lock it?

And is your notepad shortcut close to where S and E are on a mobile keyboard?

| >>637240 >>637257 lol.

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