browser extension idea


| a script that adds 1 cent to every .99 price tags

| That sounds pretty easy to do with a userscript

| Better idea, add tax to us websites

| >>21aa8d some websites do that already, so it'd just add a second layer of taxes making it look more expensive than it should

| An extension that puts everything Facebook in its own sandbox so you won't be tracked by them.

| >>637024
How about an extension that prevents you from using facebook?

| >>637174
what about an extension that gives you electric shocks everytime you enter facebook?

| >>637001 most of the places i shop at don't, I imagine you could make a blacklist/whitelist and solve that anyway even if you couldn't detect it alone

| >>637174 >>637182
The thing is if you don't have an extension like umatrix Facebook still tracks you even if you never enter their site. The same with Google. They have scripts running everywhere.

If you see a Facebook Like/Share on Facebook button on any site you're being tracked, for example.

So yeah, even if you enter your favorite porn site you're gonna get electrocuted and that might lead to some unhealthy fetishes.

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