How can I learn shell scripting?

| I know the basics but don't know how to practice. Is there any website you know I could use?

| Make sure you aim for generic POSIX and not BASH (or any shell) specific. Learning the basic through POSIX SH helps a lot since you'll find that lots of it are portable, unlike additions made in other shells.

That said, I have been using this specific site as a reference in my early days: https://www.grymoire.com/Unix/Sh.html -- it's pretty helpful and extensive, and covers a lot of the basics.

| I think codeacademy might have one for bash scripting haven't used that site in years though

Regardless of the above comment learning bash scripting as opposed to just sh is fine if you run bash, the only downside is it might not work in zsh & embedded devices without bash

I've heard some people like zsh scripting more so maybe give that a look too?

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ZSH has a decent Bash compatibility mode, but it doesn't always work. In general, POSIX is preferred because it will ALWAYS work, assuming you aren't using GNU-specific enchancements (i.e, coreutils enhancements).

Not to mention that there are other shells aside from ZSH and Bash. Really, it's better than having to relearn POSIX because you're too used to Bash.

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