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afraid of new projects

| Hi I've been thinking of new project ideas. I'm anxious to start them, how do I overcome this???

| Well, frankly, you gotta just start. Isolate the smallest individual part of the project you can work on and start with implementing that, so the task wouldn't seem so daunting at first.

| I'm also getting bad anxiety whenever I start a new project. I guess it doesn't help that I have one billion abandoned projects. I feel like they keep taunting me from the back of my head whenever I try something new.

Good advice, though. Focusing on the small things helps.

| I always start with a slapped together hack of a project to make sure I can do what I want to and to find if a solution doesn't work as well as something else might, then start again with good code or if it's smaller refactor bit by bit

Probably not a great way to do things but it does get me to actually do my personal projects :p

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This thread is permanently archived