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i want to crack a zip

| recommendations

| Impossibru

| Crack a zip?

| use John the Ripper or whatever to bruteforce it.

| >>634584
but don't i need a password list?

| >>634597
Just Google on how John the Ripper works

| >>634606
i did and i didn't understand
i don't want a password list i want to brute force

| >>634612 why bother to brute Force a password zip in the first place

| >>634612
I don't want to spoonfeed you the solution. If you put at least a little bit of effort into wanting to learn I would've glady help but if all you want is someone to crack open a stolen zip file then all I will say is please go and fuck yourself.

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turns out you're a cunt. get out of my thread

| >>634649
turns out you're a cunt. get out of my thread

| >>634689
Here comes the airplane bruuuuuuum

| >>634689 let's be real if you were expecting to be spoon-fed without telling anyone what you know or tried your the cunt for wasting our time

| Please check out the how to ask a good question page on stack overflow

I recommend everyone read it when they ask poor questions

| Op is wasting our time and expects a happy customer service representative face for free. This thread is now a gadget thread. What are your favourite the gadgets g/u/rls >>634753 >>634694 ?

| Personally, I find most gadgets silly, but there's a few super handy ones out there.

| >>634851
Same here.

I still want an affordable smartphone/PSP sized PC with a built in keyboard. Preferably with Linux support and hundreds of gigabytes of space.

But the ones on the market are either overpriced, bloated or just downright shoddy.

| >>634851
What even is the definition of a gadget?

Like small useful device? Idk

But like, I guess power banks are useful?

| >>635244 TRU DAT. idk if they qualify as gadgets, but I used to have a phone with pretty bad battery. Power banks were essential and were my hero.

| Is microwave a gadget? It is quite useful.

| A microwave is an appliance

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This thread is permanently archived