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Case fans

| Need new case fans, ones dead and the other is on the way out what do you lot recommend

| Case fans recommendations? Sure, whatever.

What do you want out of your fans? Maximum cooling, low decibel, colored LEDs or just all-round affordable ones?

I prefer the noctua brand myself since they're very quiet and only slightly more expensive than regular ones. For a normal non-overclocked PC any fan will do so you might as well keep the noise level down.

| Silly Americans and their expensive capitalist computer fans. Just prop that sucker open and put any old fan right up to it.

| Well the PC they're going in is on all the time so quiet is preferred

I'm a fan of noctua but I was wondering if there was another brand that was also good since the a12s are a bit expensive

| >>db12b3 put your PC in the fridge.

| >>634191 didn't Linus try that, or at least using the compressor from one?

| >>634252
I dunno about that but cooling using mineral oil is a thing. It starts to smell after a few weeks though.

| Ok, probably just gonna go with noctua
But nf f12 or nf a12

| just bury it

| >>634567 dirt isn't that great of a thermal conductor

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This thread is permanently archived