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Programming socks advice

| Mine are getting a little old. Can you recommend me something?

| Buy new.
White and blue stripes.

| Buy new.
White and Pink stripes.

| Pink stripes are all the rage right now. Though if you want that classy classic look blue stripes would be great. Could get a little crazy and maybe go with plad for something with a little spicy.

| Whatever color you choose get some matching shimapan for the extra set bonus

| Buy used.
pink stripes.

| >>633097 but there is nothing quite like the feeling of putting on fresh programing socks right before a session of programming though.

| you can also try compression socks, not as aesthetic but they help prevent blood clots

| >>633172
Those can be quite aesthetic as well, even if a little harder to find.

| I wear merino wool fluffy blue/black stripes.

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This thread is permanently archived