Android app to rip audio from YT?

| What's your favorite app to rip audio from a YouTube video? I don't need the video.

| Update: found newpipe and so far it's working well. Still open to suggestions if anyone has a better one, Newpipe does way more than I need it to.

| Just make sure to update frequently. The big G doesn't want these apps and they mark them as ToS violators so expect the app to be incompatible for a few days but the devs had been very eager to make updates when this happens, same thing happened with the Aurora store, and sometimes it won't even work. The only problem is when they finally update the way Ads work and everything breaks.

| i've been using termux + youtube-dl and it just werks! i set up a termux-url-opener script (which is basically list available formats and input desired format code) and i just share the link with termux

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