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What are there so many retarded people who take want to enter in cs?

| Everyone's a fucking retard in my class.

| Ehhh that's not true !

is it ?

| "I can make big money being a coder"
They usually all fail out by the end of the first year.
t. a intro to CS tutor.

| But yknow, i've seen that in physics, chemical engineering, multimedia, humanities, and marketing majors too...

I mean what do you mean by "retard" ?
If you mean "carefree childlike", well I mean some people are like this.
Or do you mean "they're really shit at what they want to do". In which case... Well it just happens I guess ?

By my posting I mean : it's not ONLY in CS, and definitely "retard" is a weird term when you've reached above secundary education...

| I didn't even know that there are classes for Counterstrike...

| >>626667

to be fair, counter strike is full of retards as well.

| Very few people go into the sciences and engineering majors because they like them, they just do it for the money. I guess eventually, they do not hate them, but there is no passion for what they do. Just look at coding bootcamps, just there for the sole purpose of creating more jobs.

| >>626226
Because they are nerds, and nerds are sex-starved antisocial individuals who think they'll finally shine on CS because the Big Bang Theory made up the Trendy Geek Cultureā„¢.
Some will grow up very soon and stop acting like retards to fit imaginary 4chan culture.

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This thread is permanently archived