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Sup /g.. I mean /tech/.

| So I was wondering. What are the odds of getting caught siphoning a neighbor's wifi?

Not that I have been doing that or anything *cough*.

Is there any real consequences?

| How would they catch you?

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I'm not sure to be honest. Maybe if they have a data cap or something.

| If they have a data or bandwith cap and you've been downloading massive files, maybe. If it got bad enough that they have a slowdown, they might call their ISP who might eventually catch you.

But if you only use their internet for small things, they probably won't notice. Unless they have small monthly quota and are paranoid.

Consequence: they might knock on your door

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I mean the only reason I'm on it is because me and my family aren't doing so well at the moment. It seems like they have a unlimited data cap after doing some research.

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If they knew anything about tech it would be easy to find out that there was someone, routers tend to keep a log of wifi connections. but theres no real way to prove it was you.

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This thread is permanently archived