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| So is flash really too much of a risk now or is it going because apple always hated it. Or a little of both?

Even then could it be salvaged if fixed up or made open source?

Just be a shame for decades of internet history to go down the toilet.

| Absolutley flash as an in browser thing is dead and it should stay that way theres no fixing it. Only real option would be a new standard thats not fucked but can translate old flash stuff into itself.

also I remember Ross from accursedfarms. Rambling on about preserving flash games n tht hes got somesorta system for archiving them in a safe futureproof way.
Maybe mail him n ask.
and if you find anything out, do share it.

| You may want to take a look at the flashpoint project, g/u/rl.


| All you have to do is just get a Flash stand alone player and start archiving. I already have over 40GB of flash.

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This thread is permanently archived