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Ios vs android go


| I have using and developing for both.

| hate*

| Android, cuz modding things is my life

| Apple ruins everything it touches and I hate Tim Cooks smug face.

So android as the lesser of two evils.

| Ios, because iphone se.
call me if droid manufacturers make a phone that fits in one hand.

| >>616645 they make phones for adult hands, not manlets'

| >>616648
I'm 188cm, 80kg male. How about you?

| >>616656 we're on an anonymous fucking board dude, but sure, 194, 71. Fits like a glove.

| >>616656 6'2 is not tall at all lmao, it is the king of the manlet status for males

| It's easy to get an android phone of any reasonable size there's loads of android phone manufacturers.

| >>616688 +1

| >>616673 if 6'2" is manlet I must be a fuckin dwarf

| >>616707 king of the manlets but yeah, how tall are ya

| I feel like the king of the Manley's should be the shortest one.

| *manlets

| >>616773 think I'm 5'10 but I'm not actually sure I almost forget my age last week sooo...

| >>616935 maybe 5'8? Like I said not sure

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This thread is permanently archived