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a bar's own textboard

| > How would you guys go about it ?
It might be neat for regulars to chat with random people in the bar, and check on who's in before deciding to go too.

Would you guys make it completely anonymous like pre-IDs dangeru ? Or allow for usernames ? Maybe a mix of both, with a username based IM coupled with an ID based textboard?

| Maybe theme the bar so that people would have smth in common / to talk about (like how this board attracted VA-11 Hall-A players).
A tech-themed bar would increase chances of attracting people that'd be interested in the board at all.

| I've always loved links between meat and cyberspace, plus textboards and bars are both about social interections.
There's tons of possible failure points
- SpamBots
- What if you don't sell enough booze
- (etc)

... but it doesn't hurt to dream right?

| >>616320
>links between meat and cyberspace
Cyber sausage also known as the "e-penis"

| that actually sounds like fun, maybe if the website is only accessible through the bar's DNS only just like how opennic has their own domains

| >>616389
oh that's a nice normie barrier. Having an "underground" chatroom seperated from the normie-accessible anonymous board sounds cool

| >>616318
Nobody would use it. The only reason why they ever made something like this in my city was trying to flirt with the thots sitting at table #4 and it was heavily controlled by the staff.

| In practice, I'm not sure how well it would go. But I'd like to see it. I'd use the heck outta that.

| >>616432
Well if it's just there without context yeah I don't see that working either. I'm still very curious of how a digital and physical haven could work.
I feel like it has a shot if its to serve as temple for an existing community

| >>616501
This reminded me of this cyberpunk, point and click adventure videogame, I can't remember the title, where you have a place like that. It's a dingy physical space where you log into VR and interact with the other patrons' avatars.

| >>616502
Using the board to communicate with people when both parties are already at same physical space sounds a bit counterproductive haha.
But a few games might actually bring people together. Imagine playing some multiplayer game in the chat (like trade wars from the BBS era) and then meeting the other players at the bar

| I'm imagining a bar with a text board but it's not exposed to the internet so to leave a massage you have to be at or near the bar to connect to their WiFi

| >>616579
Now that sounds more like it.

| >>616708
But then people might not use it at all :c
What about having a subboard only accessible from within, smth dumb like /burg/
So you can leave some kind of msg to the next guy

| >>616798 I like that idea better. The textboard would see no use if it was only accessible via the bar's wifi. Just having a single board dedicated to the bar-only accessible area sounds better.

| I don't dig the idea of allowing nicknames but preset names as for ID's would be preferred

for example 6b4aqw = Shiba and hd8nw8 = Fuckboy

| I was gonna say IDs based on Mac address but still random format like here so you can see what someone is saying in other posts but not who they are

| OP here
What do you guys think about having no connection in the bar. I mean no 4G, like putting the bar underground or smth. I feel like it could drive social interactions inside the bar. But maybe its too harsh idk...

| >>617166 ehh probably deter people from coming unless they text their ex too often when drunk or something

| OP again
Should it have some sort of captcha ?

| >>617668 I'd say no but implement it in a way that it's easy to turn on if needed, preferable automated if there's a post spike or something

| >>617668 I'd say no but implement it in a way that it's easy to turn on if needed, preferable automated if there's a post spike or something

| >>617767

Wtf captcha gone? (Sorry for double post)

| >>617767

Wtf captcha gone? (Sorry for double post)

| >>617668 yes, let's make a bunch of people who are absolutely blasted solve a captcha to post. Capt-chan gives me many drunk problems.

| >>617668 yes, let's make a bunch of people who are absolutely blasted solve a captcha to post. Capt-chan gives me many drunk problems.

| >>617951 oh that's hilarious actually, what if you could post on a special board to order but it had a captcha if you're too drunk you can't order XD

| >>617951 oh that's hilarious actually, what if you could post on a special board to order but it had a captcha if you're too drunk you can't order XD

| >>618088 that's amazing! So captcha would have the effect of keeping drunk people out of the board huh.
I was thinking of how to implement an irl solution to the spammers. Like locking the site behind a password shared on receipts, but then its like a paid subscription and that sucks too

| >>618823 maybe you could make it only on the bar's local wi-fi network, so you haveeto be physically present to post. might be interesting, might be annoying.

| >>618944
it was already discussed around here >>616708 ; I think it impairs the experience quite a bit.
What about adding "@bar" to the ID of the posts sent through the bar's wifi ?

| >>618957 ooh I like that idea

| >>617166
There should be a billion of warnings in different languages and people should be warned by a bartender five times over, just to be sure that the dumbest people ever understand that there's no connection. Emergency situations do exist, you know.
Also you would lose people who want bot to be bothered by small talk and people who come to bars and cafes to hang out in the web.

| >>619249
yeah, I just wish hanging out on the web was cooler than scrolling social media. It'd be pretty uninteresting having three people in and all glued to their smartphones

| >>619255
"Hanging out" is not necessarily "scrolling social media".

| Now that I think about it, textboards are a lot like social media anyway, you can still lurk and never post. I wonder what makes me like them more.

I've just finished watching the >documentary on the BBS era by Jason Scott
They had handles back then, I think it allowed for a deeper bond between people. What are the benefits of resetting the ID each thread ? Less drama, no hierarchy between users... is it really worth sacrifying being able to make friends there ?

| >>619259
I know, you can still lose yourself discovering new sites. I found out about the fansite >>valhalla.bar just a few days ago. Still, scrolling through a social feed is the norm

| What happened to danger/u/'s discord ? I never went there but the fact it exists proves people want usernames when they get serious about a community.
Then again everytime discord is mentioned, I read that it's hard fitting in to an existing group.

| >>619274
The problem with switching to another platform is you will always lose a large part of the community.
for reasons like:

people just cant be bothered/see no reason too

anon is best

dislike of the new platform in general
new platform

migth not even work for some
(thats me in the example of discord)

usernames are about individuality and making friends
(which migth be a nice thing in case of this board)
I don't think usernames are about the community by deffinition

| >>619283
Your last paragraph makes me want to add handles even more. I'm still worried about anonymity, maybe there's smth really valuable about it that I'm not seeing

| >>619305
Well I also don't think usernames are worth it anonimity forges an interesting community where everything you type is purley based on that not your reputation.

| >>619305
If you don't like image- and textboards, don't ruin them for other people. People who want nicknames will form confs and get them. Anonymous boards are anonymous for a reason.

| >>619314 +1

| >>619345 +2

| >>619314
And besides, if someone reaaaally wants to leave a way to break the anonymity, they should just post their tag at the end of something.

> Dani.

| >>619642
Ending a post with a tag is gay

> Dani.

| >>619642 that's a good idea.

> Dani.

| >>619746
You migth want to stop talking to yourself.

> Dani.

| you guys are right, I probably wouldn't be here if I had to enter a username

| >>Dani.
What about a board where you can vote for the next song to play in the bar

| >>619817 That's be kinda neat, but everyone knows people would only play meme soykaf. Maybe you'd be able to load money onto the textboard's app, and then use it to operate the jukebox.

| >>619947
Just no.

| a simpler answer would just be to only let them chose from a few randomly selected songs. If they want to add a song to the playlist they can still ask the barman to listen to it whenever.
I think it'd be cool if the song that plays in the bar also plays on the board (except if that's too resource-hungry; at least put the name somewhere).

| Having a /mu/ like board for all of this would be neat.
> playlist sticky
It could have a "no-reply" sticky with a bot posting the songs as they play, creating a log of the playlist for the night. A new one would be created every night.

| >>619947
I'm not even sure an app would be a good idea, money for anything but the booze is probably not the way to go tho. (I still like the jukebox theme)

| >>620107 I've heard of bars that have a paid jukebox so it's not that uncommon
They're coin/bill/card though

Personally I'd not do that and have some themed music playing, that might just be because I want a cyberpunk bar though

| Today i found out all the gurls on this board are actually just one guy named Dani talking to myself.

> Dani.

| >>619642
We had a few notable namefags posting in several boards back before we had IDs, RapGurl is still there, but I wonder how GRAPE is doing nowadays.

| >>620137
What about voting for different moods rather than a specific song ? It could change even change the mood gradually if the music files are flagged properly.

| How would you guys incorporate the concept of boards in a bar ?
Like we could have a /tech/ table, a /v/ table, the bar itself could be /u/ or /test/ (where you go talk to the mods). Is that even desirable ?
The name of the board could be displayed on a led sign, so that you could change it dynamically or even let the clients choose from the available boards

| >>619305
Back in the days of BBS, the only precaution was not using your real name, maybe hiding your IP. Other than that, everyone would use the same nick everywhere and act casual. You could bicker with someone or meet up, it was all very casual. You wouldn't do that shit now.
I don't know why it happened, but now there's something like a barrier between people, and anonymity is the only way to bring back some of the casual atmosphere.

| >>620508
Sometimes I think it's weird that I can pour my heart out and empathize with anons who do the same, but I'd never give anybody involved my email or contact.
I know that people still make friends or even meet up via Discord, but I can't be the only one who feels different about it.

| Well it could be that now that *everyone* is on the internet, we are afraid that things we say will come back in our every day life

No one wants every person in their life asking about what they said online

| kinda gives durarara dollars vibes.

| >>620578
by that i meant creepy

| >>620486
I prefer my text boards remaining text and not suddenly becoming a music streaming service.

| >>620509
I'd say being a part of a anon group is kindof a form of friendship altough wierd since it's with a group of ppl.

friendships with usernames are anonimus it just seems more accurate to describe it as a friendship since it's with a single person ...?

| >>620137 >>620107 wait, do you g/u/rls not have to pay for jukeboxes? Every jukebox I've ever come across requires you to slide in a few quarters. Then again, ya don't come across many jukeboxes anymore. Just at the bowling alleys and select bars.

| You wouldn't have to load up your card details for the app to work. Just in order to operate the jukebox, so people don't have to get up and walk across the bar. While we're adding stuff to the app, we should also probably include a menu that updates based on that particular day's specials. It'd be neat to have pixel icons of each of the drinks, like in VA-11 Hall-A, and upon clicking the photo with the drink name next to it, you'd get more info on the drink.

> Dani.

| I don't find many jukeboxes these days

Last one I saw was at Johnny rockets but they closed here unfortunately

| >>d9fabb
You make a good point, I think its kinda sad honestly. The main goal with this would be to bring people together. After you've lurked a few months in the board and finally decide going to the bar, don't you think it'd be kinda cool to feel connected to a place you've never been before?
Will the shared experience be novel enough for two people to open themselves to eachother is the real question.
If it's the case, I think a BBS style community around the bar could florish

| >>243f45 I love durarara !
I don't get what's so creepy about the dollars or the idea in this thread. If anything the concept behind the dollars is pretty wholesome

| >>620803
Concept is okay, but the people do not-wholesome stuff from time to time. And I don't wanna be a part of it.
Gotta clean it from the inside, and I can't really select the ones who clean. Plus the ones who do the cleaning get hurt.
Idk if that makes sense.

| >>620806
well that just the plot of season 2 so yeah it makes sense. If the board is tied to a single bar I doubt it would grow to the extent of having the same problems anyway.
But yeah, gotta keep it wholesome somehow same with dangeru really

| >>620623
I'm 100% with you on that one. Still having a thread dedicated to just automatically post the names of the songs as they play, would be pretty cool. It creates a log of a night's playlist right on the board.
Adding a little led screen inside the bar to display the name of the currently playing song is also nice! And that's standard for lots of bars already

| >>620710
I like jukeboxes they're oldschool and letting the customer choose the music is pretty nifty. I don't like that you have to pay for it to work tho.
I don't see why you'd want an app for the board. And paying with your card through the app to not walk a few meters just feels wrong

| >>620711
Having the menu displayed on the board is an excellent idea. While a sticky thread should suffice, having visuals for the drinks sounds really nice.
Maybe as a banner for one of the boards ? I could see a board called /bar/ where you could talk about the place, and have greater chances of being answered by a janitor-mod-barman

| >>620823 I just think apps are nifty. The only reason I use danger/u/ so much is because of the nifty app. I browse other boards, but not nearly as much, because they don't have an app I can just pop open. Even if the app is basically just a mobile optimized version of their website (kinda like danger/u/, I'll still use board much more.

| >>621025
I mean I've got nothing against the website being more visited. At least the website should be smartphone-friendly yeah
(is pinning a shortcut to your homescreen not enough ?)

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