a bar's own textboard

| > How would you guys go about it ?
It might be neat for regulars to chat with random people in the bar, and check on who's in before deciding to go too.

Would you guys make it completely anonymous like pre-IDs dangeru ? Or allow for usernames ? Maybe a mix of both, with a username based IM coupled with an ID based textboard?

| Maybe theme the bar so that people would have smth in common / to talk about (like how this board attracted VA-11 Hall-A players).
A tech-themed bar would increase chances of attracting people that'd be interested in the board at all.

| I've always loved links between meat and cyberspace, plus textboards and bars are both about social interections.
There's tons of possible failure points
- SpamBots
- What if you don't sell enough booze
- (etc)

... but it doesn't hurt to dream right?

| >>616320
>links between meat and cyberspace
Cyber sausage also known as the "e-penis"

| that actually sounds like fun, maybe if the website is only accessible through the bar's DNS only just like how opennic has their own domains

| >>616389
oh that's a nice normie barrier. Having an "underground" chatroom seperated from the normie-accessible anonymous board sounds cool

| >>616318
Nobody would use it. The only reason why they ever made something like this in my city was trying to flirt with the thots sitting at table #4 and it was heavily controlled by the staff.

| In practice, I'm not sure how well it would go. But I'd like to see it. I'd use the heck outta that.

| >>616432
Well if it's just there without context yeah I don't see that working either. I'm still very curious of how a digital and physical haven could work.
I feel like it has a shot if its to serve as temple for an existing community

| >>616501
This reminded me of this cyberpunk, point and click adventure videogame, I can't remember the title, where you have a place like that. It's a dingy physical space where you log into VR and interact with the other patrons' avatars.

| >>616502
Using the board to communicate with people when both parties are already at same physical space sounds a bit counterproductive haha.
But a few games might actually bring people together. Imagine playing some multiplayer game in the chat (like trade wars from the BBS era) and then meeting the other players at the bar

| I'm imagining a bar with a text board but it's not exposed to the internet so to leave a massage you have to be at or near the bar to connect to their WiFi

| >>616579
Now that sounds more like it.

| >>616708
But then people might not use it at all :c
What about having a subboard only accessible from within, smth dumb like /burg/
So you can leave some kind of msg to the next guy

| >>616798 I like that idea better. The textboard would see no use if it was only accessible via the bar's wifi. Just having a single board dedicated to the bar-only accessible area sounds better.

| I don't dig the idea of allowing nicknames but preset names as for ID's would be preferred

for example 6b4aqw = Shiba and hd8nw8 = Fuckboy

| I was gonna say IDs based on Mac address but still random format like here so you can see what someone is saying in other posts but not who they are

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