Botnet, Boynet

| Should I quit following /g/ and just be a good goy and move on to newest software, and just stay safe with my uBlockOrigin and shit? And no, I'm not even going to pirate Windows 10 LTSC, because it has it's traits just like Windows 10 Pro does. What should I do g/u/rls? Should I just give in and follow everyone else that are my closest friends or stay in my safe zone? I still have some of botnet in my doors but it's not as much as I'd get normally. I'm scared of being mined by jews

| What are your thoughts on this? I really need some helpful advice for that

| I already gave up on Google months ago, and only service I'm using right now is Youtube

| >>616227 if you're scared of Jews you've got problems we can't help with

| paranoid pill
please take care of yourself
this is the future

| >gave up on Google
>using Youtube right now
Thats not how it works

| >>616227 No, absolutely not
I can't even begin to describe the dangerous effects of modern technology in 500 characters, but here are some
>inferiority complex
>massive collection of personal data that actively contributes to governmental abuse and dictatorships
>invasion of your own private life, give how its trivially easy to track you down
>echo chambers
>encouragement of degenerate behaviour
>dependence on proprietary software

| >>616696 i can expand on these topics if you want, there is a lot you don't know, fighting for your freedom is an absolute necessity, do NOT give in to the convenience
here are some links exemplifying my points above

| >>616697

| >>616697
none of the archive.md links work for me

| Work just fine for me...

| and for me....


g/u/rl, i have a feeling the site is blocked wherever you live or work.

| >>616227 just install gentoo.

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