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Botnet, Boynet

| Should I quit following /g/ and just be a good goy and move on to newest software, and just stay safe with my uBlockOrigin and shit? And no, I'm not even going to pirate Windows 10 LTSC, because it has it's traits just like Windows 10 Pro does. What should I do g/u/rls? Should I just give in and follow everyone else that are my closest friends or stay in my safe zone? I still have some of botnet in my doors but it's not as much as I'd get normally. I'm scared of being mined by jews

| What are your thoughts on this? I really need some helpful advice for that

| I already gave up on Google months ago, and only service I'm using right now is Youtube

| >>616227 if you're scared of Jews you've got problems we can't help with

| paranoid pill
please take care of yourself
this is the future

| >gave up on Google
>using Youtube right now
Thats not how it works

| >>616227 No, absolutely not
I can't even begin to describe the dangerous effects of modern technology in 500 characters, but here are some
>inferiority complex
>massive collection of personal data that actively contributes to governmental abuse and dictatorships
>invasion of your own private life, give how its trivially easy to track you down
>echo chambers
>encouragement of degenerate behaviour
>dependence on proprietary software

| >>616696 i can expand on these topics if you want, there is a lot you don't know, fighting for your freedom is an absolute necessity, do NOT give in to the convenience
here are some links exemplifying my points above

| >>616697

| >>616697
none of the archive.md links work for me

| Work just fine for me...

| and for me....


g/u/rl, i have a feeling the site is blocked wherever you live or work.

| >>616227 just install gentoo.


| >>616950
resolving it on my local machine results in
(obviously not rigth)
my DNS is

using online DNS lookup tools i get
Which both just result in a "hello world" page

| >>617350
Wierd after changing my DNS to
It correctly resolvs to
so those links start working.
But if i replace the domain name with the ip i still just get a hello world page

| >>617360 web servers can host different content for different hosts or in this case the IP vs the domain, this is useful for pointing multiple domains or subdomains at one server and have them serve their own content

| Side note why was this pinned

| why was my post pinned

| >>617364 >>617566

Mostly for the links on awareness of cyberpunkish issues.

| >>617955 oh ok that makes sense

| >>617955 oh ok that makes sense

| >>616227
Maybe? Depends on how redpilled you are now.
/g/ can be incredibly, incredibly autistic about botnets, but to a point they do have the right idea.
Avoid using obvious botnet services, when you have no other option make sure it knows as little about you as possible.
Discord is known to sell data, but all your fellow gamers friends use it. Just make sure it runs only when you need it, don't run it 24/7.
No need to go with librebooted X200, it's still not 100% FOSS anyway.

| >>619024 how is librebooted x200 not 100% foss? Are you reffering to something beyond libreboot or libreboot itself?

| >>619024 how is librebooted x200 not 100% foss? Are you reffering to something beyond libreboot or libreboot itself?

| am I okay if I ditched Google for Microsoft? I think using Edge/Bing/Outlook and their services is a minor evil compared to Google, plus Microsoft has a lot of experience compared to Google and doesn't seem to be as much as annoying when it comes to data collection like Google

| >>619454 wat

| >>619484 instead of google i'm using microsoft apps and services

| >>619495 i guess

| >>619495 my wat was because you were asking if using one platform that sells your data over another is better, you can pick your poison but at the end of the day it's still poison

Then you said they're less evil? It's Microsoft m9 they're just as evil as Google only they baked their tracking into your PC instead of your phone

And doesn't seem as annoying about data collection, what do you mean by that anyway?

| So what are the alternatives g/u/rls? Which Linux distro is reliable and which sites should I use for my email, search engine and etc? Isn't that quite ironic if this site has it's own Discord server? What is the solution?

| >>619946 basically every distro is reliable I'm not sure what you mean, you could avoid rolling release ones I guess

Email has a few but I hear tutanota and posteo are good options

For search the best option would be a searx instance used by a lot of other people

About the discord no it's not ironic you're in /tech/ and the privacy focused people here are a small subset of the users here, if op asked the same question in /u/ they'd probably get different answers

| as an average human being you are just statistics and as much as you try to hide yourself the more likely you are to be spied because you've got a reason to be hiding from something
t. pajeet

| >>616227
Convenience might seem like the easy way out, but if you value your privacy and freedom, it's worth doing some sacrifices. When you think about it, compared to what people in the past did for the sake of freedom, this is nothing. Not to mention that 90% of botnet services have alternatives that do a much better job (especially if we are talking about Google, everything they've made has an alternative or, if using a specific service anyway, much better frontend (NewPipe).

| prism-break.org and privacytools.io for additional help.

| >>619266

| >>620104
my guy, there's no H in FOSS

| though yeah... it wouldn't hurt

| >>620104 with that logic, even foss hardware or any YOUR designed hardware isnt really YOUR.

| >>620104 with that logic, even foss hardware or any YOUR designed hardware isnt really YOUR.

| >>620148
Theres a diffrance between open source hardware. and your computers CPU which has an integrated microcontroller you can't acces at all and can do literraly anything to your PC
no permissions required since it's on a lower level
not only that but it gets online updates on a regular basis
a simmilar thing goes for the microcontroller(s) handling your NIC
There are way too many closed off components on an computer. which makes impossible to say it's "secure".

| pretty mutch the only thing that can't fuck you in theory is your power supply (for now)

| >>619963
not really the case yet
Were not at the point where if i disconnect/secure my network i will have spy devices on my lawn the next day.

| >>619963
with privacy being the goal that approach is flawed in the sence that
nowdays being a "statistic" is worse then actually being under physical survailance by the police.

| >>620354 what I was reffering to, with my previous point, is that, whether we are talking open source hardware or somethig propreitary and closed, when you submit your design for manufacturer, its more and more possible, that they will put something their own on top of your design. Hence, how not even open source hardware is really open source

| >>620354 what I was reffering to, with my previous point, is that, whether we are talking open source hardware or somethig propreitary and closed, when you submit your design for manufacturer, its more and more possible, that they will put something their own on top of your design. Hence, how not even open source hardware is really open source

| >>620354 libreboot has a list of "safe" hardware to use, I know you have to change your NIC for it to work x200.
In any case I don't see the wrong in striving for more openness, maybe one day we'll be able to manufacture our own PCBs

| >>620383
Well yes deffinatly. but if you have open source hardware it paves the future for options
like chosing your own manufacturer
verifying by yourself the integrity of said hardware with tools that can inspect the circutry
(not logicly but physicly) and compare them to the open schematics

And i thougth the thing i just wrote was optimistic lol

| >>620410
g/u/rl the world changes so fast I feel like at any moment something can change everything and still be taken for granted the next heartbeat.
By just picking the scraps I'm confident we'll get there. Maybe not in time for the tech to still be relevent, but eventually

| >>616698 >>616697 yeah but...don't just click some unknown links...

| >>616227
Inconsistent data is a marker on your head, and now you're under extensive attention, congrats. Surveillance does not end at Windows and your Google account and a gov has access to your name, family, bills and more about you than you know yourself. Embrace the Google and keep a FOSStistic laptop aside for the more private stuff. You can't escape the universal botnet if you refuse to blend in the crowd.
Also /g/ is about showing off to newbs, what do you expect from them.

| >>625959
> gov knows about you than you know yourself
Chill edgelord. Stop spewing buzzwords and actually look into how shit works

| >>625959
> gov knows about you than you know yourself
Chill edgelord. Stop spewing buzzwords and actually look into how shit works

| >>626014
You're literally filed from your birth to today. If you think you are somehow evading the goobernment because you're on Gentoo+VPN, you're the one that should smooth his edge.

| Goverment over-reach is universall.
There is no reason to let that worsen, plenty reason to try improve it.

| >>625959
VPNs are very limited for actuall privacy but i get your point.

>/g/ is about showing off to newbs
then don't mind if i assume you come from there.

>Embrace the Google, keep a FOSStistic laptop
So the problem with that is if you "embrace" sutch things you will eventually end up in a scenario like the UK or china
where every step you take must be monitored and will be used against you.

| it's okay to use whatever software you think is convenient. if there's something you want private then keep it off of those systems that you don't trust. e.g. you can own a Google account and not use Google photos to store or ever touch your pictures. if you want to slightly protect your bank shit more, don't access it from software or networks you don't think you can trust

| I like to mess with the data that organizations collect...

Every point of data that is collected is met with a conflicting point of data at some point.

| The only way too escape from (((their))) infinite presence is to fake your death and go live in the woods.


| I saw a weird cyber security video once on synchtube. A kid maybe 10-12 years old was talking to an adult about how flooding the internet with fake information and fake profiles that shared your name was the most effective form of subterfuge. He sounded like an adult using CIA glowy terms and talking about COINTELPRO and shit. Anyone know what I'm talking about?

| I use duckduckgo and opera for search engine and browser, but opera has recently been in a few data mining scandals in third world countries so I'm looking for another browser

| >>646389 Firefox, Google free chromium

Opera is just chrome btw there's only two browsers anymore

| Switch from Opera to Brave last year, I don't regret my migration

| Switched

| Opera is a privacy hell anyway.

| >>659378
Would be great if it's not so bloated.
Using ungoogled chromium for desktop and Bromite for mobile. Just werks.

| Bromite is cool, yep. >>661599 Although it can be a pain in the arse to get it working.

| >>659378
At least run Wireshark/Burpsuite to check it. It makes more requests than clean Chromium. Needless to say, they scammed their own users by disabling them coin rewards - just go to r/brave_browser and search for 'rewards', there's a lot of posts going about it.
Brave also hijacks your links.


| Can we unpin this

| No way. Let it stay pinned until we can replace it with something better.

| >>616227
you can simply do it in moderation.
there are foss alternatives to most botnet software, so you should avoid them as long as the alternative works, otherwise just don't be a retard when you use proprietary stuff.
it's not something to obsess over, just do what keeps you safe and comfy.

| To start, try OpenBSD + TOR Browser. And don't contribute to informatic pollution. i.e. don't share anything unless both you need to share it and they need to have it. The delete button is your best friend.

| Oh, and don't forget the principle of separation. You don't really exist on the net, but your actions are correlated: that's how they track you. To stay private, you have to make sure that each element of data that you emit, is not linked to any other data you emit. (By default---but it should be a conscious decision to let distinct data be associated.)

| >>698623 TOR is a honeypot. Also OpenBSD is hard for newbies.

| >>704713
Sure but let's be honest if you going for privacy you're best option is just don't touch a web browser as even plain html will fuck you and that's unusable for most sites. tor comes closest to privacy if you wan't to use web sites

| >>705629
>even plain html will fuck you


| >>705649
ok, i mightove gone a bit off the rails there
(quite a lot actually)

| >>705649
I could streatch it and say what i meant was http which does have several fingerprinting techniques

but to be honest i just wanted to say you're pretty mutch screwed using the web got carried away and for some reason chose to blame a formated text file

| >OpenBSD is hard for newbies.
Everything is intuitive. You might have to read their handbook (``FAQ'') and manpages, but that beats having to read multiple mutually inconsistent user-made (community?) i.e. unofficial documentation and having to actually use the tool before understanding how it works.

| Plus, adding a webbrowser (yeah yeah, yuck, but less yuck than on non-boynet systems---might feel more yucky relative OpenBSD's cleanliness) can make the transition less abstruse.
>TOR is a honeypot
Anything you don't directly control is a honeypot. Maybe even some things you control. Unproxied internet is more honeypot than TOR. Proxies (``VPN'') that you have to connect directly to, are more honeypot. I2P might be less honeypot than TOR, but they're less mature.

| Sorry: less yuck than *on boynet* systems.

| The freedom you were referring to is Freedumb. Freedumb is the freedom without consequences. Yes I'm an Agent but not a three letter but a four letter instead. I got fired for being a "Threat" in the system.

| >everything Google've made has an alternative
You have it backwards. Everything Google made /is/ the alternative, to other services, which do it better, freer.

| I just use Windows 10 like a normal person cause it runs pretty much everything I need.

| OP here after over a year. I finally understood the issues and I know how to adapt and survive.

| ㅁㄴㅇㄹ

| >>733785 did you install gentoo yet


| >>644873 based kid lol

| >>755940 nah, Windows 7

| Expenses are a big issue, invest in privacy respecting and ad-free solutions, you'll find it worth it in the long run. (Save up on mobile data and you'll buy less stuff too.)

| Sexnet for sussy bakas that love niggaballs

| How do I get access to the Boynet?

| good ghoy

| I tried using duckduckgo recently but the search results weren't nearly as good as google's unfortunately

| Google has pretty shit results too if you search for anything remotely political

| Tbh i dont see a difference with Duckduckgo and Google anymore in terms of searches since i dont really use google anyway and don't search that much anymore. Also certain github links were also not showing on google either so thats another minus points.

| >>616227 >I'm scared of being mined by jews
Wow when was it posted originally? Why did a /pol/ post even get pinned?

| I'm starting to wonder g/u/rls, would it be too daunting of a task to destroy the botnet?

Rather than run away from their software, why don't we punch and beat it until it works for us?

| >>620355
>pretty mutch the only thing that can't fuck you in theory is your power supply (for now)
Why, Side Channel attacks have been able to predict secrets from reading mains voltage variations. Why not bruce the goose moe directly.

| >>827551
It's the numbers, if we get people to begin quitting their services and provide better ones, they'll sink in time.

Maybe it can happen, but how viable it is, idk.

Also laws to prevent monetization of user data, and laws which limit the maximum amount of data which can be collected.

| >>827341

About 2 years ago.

| fuck

| 嘿,宝贝儿。来个翻译吧~

| >>836886 make a proper thread for that. This one is outdated and messy

| I agree

| emily go away

| danger/u/ is botnet

| >>849457
agree tbg

| >>616227 privacy.sexy is a good website for disabling shit in Windows 10 and 11. You can end up making a functional AME.
>>849457 danger/u/ allows for disabling of javascript which is epic. thnak you osaka loli

| >>616227 Windows 10 AME. Just don't act retarded and you'll be good without security updates and antivirus. Use clamwin if you need to.

| bayonet

| OOmer

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