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Remember Hologram Waifu AI? It's being released to the west

| But without the anime girls

The west version seems to be catered for companies, will they realize there's a lot of weebs who wants to buy their personal version?

On a unrelated note, I've come across this app called Holomodels which seems to be waifus irl in VR and AR, probably the closest we have for real waifus. 40 dollars for a model tho.

| Botnet.

| >>615831

| >>615828 let me buy a Miku damn it

| >>615828 imagine actually believing that the same degenerates who buy 1000$ figurines wouldn't shill out a bit more for a waifu screen

| All the AI waifus will be made with bad taste in mind anyway. You'll never get anything better than
>oniichan, tap me again! wahh~
It's depressing.

| Damn lucky Japanese. Always getting to enjoy shit before us. >:^(

| >>615866 next time, get yourself nuked twice and become a powerhouse of entertainment and technology.

| >>615828
I'm not a fan of neoteny but why is the west removing all traces of femininity from all female characters? We started with not making them half naked, OK, but why not feminine? That chick has the posture of a truck driver. It's not abnormal for women to be feminine, because they're fucking female.
You can make a woman look confident and feminine, and who animates this shit knows it.
And yeah, I know why they do it, it's social engineering. They want to castrate us.

| >>615920 Don't threaten me with a good time. Death is the only release from the hell of life.

| >>615828
I think I've just hit a new low... Is there a software like this with good animations? I want to make a custom waifu that dances for me.

| >>90d9a2 what the fuck they replaced Miku with karen

>>06ae0f I think it is more about the fact that western society is extremely gynocentric and missndrists managed to infiltrate all parts of the tech industry. They have the mentality of the Valerie Solanas and they just love to fuck with men and mess with the products they love to consume.

| >>615953 You should go give VRoid Studio a try and export the model to games like V_World or MMD.

| >>616005
I eventually took a closer look at the character model in the video that got me interested... 3D anime faces look hideous from any angle but the front.

| >>615937
Alert! Conspiracy theorist detected.

No one forces you to buy this product. And if you like to use such a system, than buy one that allows to be customized to your needs. Oh no, this doesn't work because it's all proprietary shit? Well, that's what I call the actual problem.

| >>615937
I will literally live in the past until I'm dead because fuck modernism at every level. 1985 - 2005 I just wish I could live that time period as I am now then just drop dead January 1st, 2006.

| >>616112
I will literally ooga in the past until I'm dead because fuck Bronze Age at every level. 3400000 - 2000 BCE I just wish I could bang rocks at that time period as I am now then drop dead when the proto urban civilizations start appearing.

| >>616118
ngl I think I would have preferred being dead by my current age, but having lived a full, rewarding life in a real community. I hope I won't make it to 80 or even 60. 50 is too much as well. 40 is just about right unless things get worse sooner.

| >>616091 yes, but if they do some model manipulation based on the camera it is possible to make them look *alright*

But I mean it's the same with any 2d art style tell me SpongeBob looks good in any 3d game

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