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Any ideas of remotely cancelling someone's call?

| I need something like GSM jammer for my mother's phone. I am sick of how she walks around the home and does nothing but calls her new man. I can't even sleep in peace at 11AM because her sorry bitch ass keeps moaning on the phone without hesitation. I already asked her to go out somewhere private but she doesn't give a fuck. I may end up just getting her phone smashed at this point. I won't even mention that her 4G calling affects my fucking internet connection. PLEASE HELP.

| Well it's likley jammers are illegal in ur country and if your mother is tht mutch of an asshole i would not do that.
some better ideas:
add some sound insolation / dampening to her n your rooms.
build a giant faraday cage their cheap enough.
or and this is my favorite.
Just get a 20 eur bluetooth amp set it up to autoconect to her phone then turn on the amp when shes in the middle of it.

| Move out and build your own life where you call the shots instead of leeching off of your mother.


| call her data plan company and have her contract cancelled

| im calling FCC on you holy fuck stop breaking the law

| >>615617 problem is that she is leeching of me.
>>615567 that bt option sounds tempting. thanks g/u/rl

| ask her politely to be quieter..?

| Sound-Proof Headphones

| Start moaning louder

| smear the phone with ghost pepper

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This thread is permanently archived