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What programming language do you know and why did you learn it?

| Title is self explanatory. Why did you learn the programming language you know? (if you know one)

| Python because it's easy and has a lot of packages
Plus once you learn the concepts you can kind of stumble your way through a lot of other languages

| Java because uni, also saw some C++ but forgot most of it, may learn Go or Python due to telecom

| I've been using C and Perl5/6, but getting into Lisp recently. I like the expressiveness of Perl and Lisp, but C is great for very straight forward and simple jobs.

Looking for a lang to play with?

| java because school and work outlook. used to do more c++ because i started with. python because it can be pretty refreshing how little it cares about stuff. got really familiar with the full stack oriented mindset, so sql, js, css, html, and more or less just an oop language server backend would feel comfortable. something like haskell, elixir, or somemkind of lisp or functional language is worth looking into at least, but i haven't done enough. once you know one, more is easier

| C because embedded systems.
C++ because the frameworks I use are written with it.
Java because why not.
Other web stuff to make simple web interfaces (js, html, css, php).
Python because build system at work uses that.

Probably more, but I don't remember right now.

| C was the first one I learned (after some BASIC) and what I used the most projects (or C++ for more complex projects)
Java was used for classes at university
Python to do some network configuration automation at work, and more recently for machine learning stuff
C# for Windows development for a university research project
TypeScript/JavaScript for web related stuff
x86 Assembly for OS development stuff

I'm familiar with others, but haven't used them in a long time

| I don't code and don't know any. The best I can do is fiddling with config files.
The world has enough programmers in 2020, it's time to jump off the it train and move on to do something meaningful.

| >>614600
but that's for another thread :D

| Python, SQL, Java, Javascript...

Because I do teh webz

| Java cuz School
C/C++/C# cuz college didn't like Java
Bash cuz Linux
Python cuz I felt like it

Never been working with anything tech related so I can not professionally recommend anything. But Python sure is nice to use for simple projects

| Machine code/Assembler, cause I learned at a place with very old systems and people.
Then Java and python because it's pretty common at universities.
Then C++, because python and java has bad performance and a rotten codebase. (seriously, most programs i've seen so far written in java are absolute shit)
Then bash/zsh because it's a good, fast and easy way to combine already existing, simple and efficient programs (all hail to the almighty pipe) for greater tasks.

| Java is one of those funny languages where classes often teach it and many people know it, but no one likes or uses it (discluding companies).

| I don't code at all but I learned Visual Basic for school. not very eloquent but cool with how you can manipulate spreadsheets

trying to carry over that knowledge to learn python

| >>614874
Ooh, Visual Basic. I think I fiddled around with it when I was 12 or so.

My first proper programming language was Python but heck if I remember how I got into it. I was 14 and I was bored and I stumbled on a pretty decent tutorial I guess.

I got into an internship working with Python but I somehow got roped into doing frontend web dev instead, so I work mostly with JS now.

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