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Favorite Linux Distro

| I just put Ubuntu on an old laptop, and while I'm not gonna bother swapping over, I was wondering what you g/u/rls preferred Linux distro is.

I'll admit I only like ubuntu cuz its super easy to use, being used to windows as I am.

| Ubuntu is solid, I use that on my laptop and Rasbian on my Pi.

| It really depends how old of a laptop were talking. As far as my own old laptop goes i stick with arch.
Since It is mutch ligter and i like the package maanger.

| Anyone use GoboLinux? I want to check it out, but have not had much time.

| By old here I only mean about 3 years. My ten year old laptop I also have running ubuntu though. I can't believe how much better it seems to be than Windows.

| I use Arch for pretty much anything that's for personal use, as it's what I'm most used to. I've used Debian for servers and the like where more stability is required

| KDE Neon
If I was young (<30), I would use Arch. But I'm already corrupted by the debianoid convenience trap.

| love gentoo on desktop. on laptops, parabola (arch based gnu approved), freebsd, and alpine

guix and nixos are doing cool things with entire system configs. it was fun to try them

qubes and whonix is cool. recommend checking 'em out. tails is cool too, but simpler setup

void is nice, similar to arch. used kinda recently

mxlinux is something to keep your eye rn, they got a good team from antix and mepis


gobo is not developed anymore, i was actually looking recently

| >>614475
Disappointing, but I guess that makes sense. The links everywhere would be pretty hard to manage after over time plus the traditional layout is too well established to have everything work right.

How was Void? I was thinking of running it on my laptop.

| >>c3691e

I'd recommend it. good docs, responsive and welcoming community on irc. i think they're a smaller team, so that's something to keep in mind. it's a little different, so i found myself trying new things which was fun, like enlightenment de and terminology (both awesome and can do cute stuff). more customizable than arch, but same experience of building up only what you need and want.

| >>614564 I'm scared of Arch think I could handle void?
Also how's the package manager?

| I use a combination of VM TAILS on Kali ¬.¬...


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Have a look on Chakra. It's basically Arch but with KDE-preinstalled.

| >>63f730 there's a learning curve, just like arch. no idea if you'd like it, depends on how much you wanna learn. i find it fun to go through docs and stuff though and figuring out how everything works

xbps is the package manager, and it's good

heard someone recommend chakra, haven't tried it, but if you want a more user friendly convenient approach to arch, manjaro is also a good option

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