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have you ever had a serious usb latency problem

| kinda weird to troubleshoot with /tech/ but my mouse click actually isn't registering if i plug my mouse wireless receiver "near" my external hard drive, like, it has to be plugged into a usb port that is physically separated on the motherboard level. i feel like i just uncovered a huge usb flaw which is meant to be a consumer friendly standard or something. and yes, i thought my mouse was broken at first because of how unintuitive this problem is.

| correction: my mouse click isn't registering 50% of the time instead of at all.

| Have you tried removing the hard drive before putting your receiver into the usb port, or re-do the mouse pairing process? Usually it's either different devices interfering the signal or something wrong with the receiver.
There's also a thing which an usb 3.0 device could mess up a receiver that is plugged into a nearby usb 2.0 port. This happened on two of my co-workers' laptops. In this case seems like the only option is plug the receiver into the port on the other side of laptop

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This thread is permanently archived