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App that let you stream music on YouTube?

| I know there's YouTube Vanced, but is there an app made stricte for streaming music from YouTube on android?

| Newpipe or musicpiped

| Not strictly for, but Newpipe is great. Can even download the music.

| Can confirm newpipe is good, can play in the background, and downloads audio-only to not waste bandwidth

If it throws errors check GitHub they often have a patch up quick but it takes time for fdroid / gplay to get it

| deffinatly Newpipe just make sure u get the actuall Newpipe n not any of its manny impersonators.

| Ymusic on android, has some photo adds but much less annoying than the video adds on YouTube. You can stream audio and turn your screen off, download mp3s and make playlists. Just google it

| >>614037 so it inserts it's own adds and blocks YouTube's? That's kinda scummy tbh

| >>614080
extreamly so but yt has not made downloading audio easy.
(probably bc of possible lawsuits TBH)

| vlc, mplayer, mpv, youtube-dl

| >>614087 YouTube-dl (pc) can grab audio only as well as newpipe (Android) without the ads

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This thread is permanently archived