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Password managers

| Do you use one, if so what's your favorite

And what do you say to people who don't share your opinion to sway them

| I'm a dumb ass faggot and have like 3 universal passwords that I use for everything. Probably shouldn't but it's hard remembering all that crap and a password manager doesn't seem like the safest bet as well.

| My passwords consist of 5 blocks 2-3 symbols each, i swap blocks in place for new passwords, each block has a short name. Combinations of names are stored in plaintext, symbols for each block are stored in memory.
Password managers are not trustworthy.

| >>613467 ok I'm gonna argue that a offline password manager is better than using random chunks you store in a text file

| kwallet (from KDE-Desktop) AND the builtin firefox pm. Firefox became incompatible (again) with kwallet after mozilla dropped xul in favour of web extensions.

| >>613474
You could give keepassXC a shot, it's got an auto type function, and a browser add-on

| >>613464
What I hear is password managers don't have to be perfect just better than not using them, which if you're reusing passwords is most likely the case

Use an offline one with encryption, for someone to steal your passwords they'd need to infect your PC, in which case they could just keylog you anyway

| I'm kinda sketchy about password managers. I feel like if I ever forget the password for the password manager or lose it somehow, I'm even more SOL than if I had just had random ones for every account.

This feels like it'd be more useful in a business environment.

| I use pen and paper to store all, exept the few VERY important ones, which are in my brain only.

Lets face it, it's much easier to hack a pc than a sheet of paper in a folder.

| >>613603 you can hack a PC but again if they hack your PC they could just keylog you and get everything in the folder anyway

| >>613602 well you could still reset with email or security questions for all your accounts so even if you lose the database somehow you're more or less ok

| >>613467
Same. Every block name is written down on paper.

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