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Social Medias that allows you to change css?

| One of my friends were experimenting with their own social media where everyone had their own page with custom CSS and music and pretty much I made a VA-11 Hall-A inspired theme while using the GFL remix of hopes and dreams.

The site is down atm but I really liked at the concept of just making my own page with CSS, looking at others' were cool too, with all the freaky stuff they did, does anyone know any kind of site allows us to have our own page and edit everything using CSS?

| Back in the day, we had these things called webpages, websites, or just sites for short. They were entirly customizable, and you could share the "link" to your webpage with friends.

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Just doing your own site is a great thing and many people still do it.
Which makes me wonder if theres a social media site that allows you to embed a webpage for your profile.

| Uhhhh blogs?

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point me to a single person that fucking asked

| Tumblr and Reddit both have these, although they're only available from certain contexts. Discord is on Electron, so you can inject CSS, but its HTML is a shitshow so theming sucks.
If you want to make your own website, try looking at neocities.
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dog this ain't even RIGHT don't get all pretentious

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social media deffinition by merriam-webster
"forms of electronic communication (such as websites for social networking and microblogging)"

What you've done would be taking the word
"video player"

and claiming it means evil add riddled censored corprotised webpage bougth by google
just because thats where the majority is

It's horribly incorect and retarded

| neocities or host your stuff. Many people still do this, and you can get lost in a sea of custom personal websites with interesting things to share.

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Oh man, those were the days. I remember MySpace, Friendster, Neopets, and a couple of forums gave you a profile page with set HTMl layout, but you're free to customize the heck out of it. Some people just change background colors, some people go wild.

Nowadays it's just either build your own website, or use a social media's set layout. No in betweens.

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Oh and by the heck out of it, I mean injecting your own HTML/CSS. Heck, some people drop a whole flash game in their profile.

| I mean you could make the argument that irc is social media

Also what about Mastodon

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my point is not the same.
but it is vaguely simmilar.
While i don't like the term "social media".
I don't like what to me seems like you trying to turn a commonly used term into a form of propaganda.
(even if others try and do spin it the other way aswell)
(even if it's propaganda against crap platforms)
and as
pointed out theres lots of social media
thats not strictly bad.

| I also prefer seeing the bad social sites being centrilized & proprietery.
It gives them less of a foothold in the long term.

| >>613252 that's actually why they have a really strong network effect though, if you could pm your Facebook friends from Twitter how many more people would leave Facebook

| >>613283 we should start a movement demanding better API's

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