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Internet Invisibility

| How do I remain completely untraceable while browsing the web? I've been using TOR and it's all right but I'd like something more private

| Well, you can begin by revising your superstitious beliefs surrounding TOR. TOR does not make you invisible, it just adds a speedbump in the road toward discovering your identity. In order to increase your personal security, you must first determine what you *actually* mean by that, and determine how far you're willing to go to achieve said security.

| >>612603 basically, stopping browsers and corporations from getting my data while I watch some YouTube videos and/or surfing the web

| >>612611
umatrix is a powerful tool to stop 3rd party website requests. an addon that destroys cookies when they are no longer needed will stop most web-based spying and data collecting in its tracks.

tor has some anti-tracking and anti-fingerprinting behavuor built in, but if you do big dummy stuff like sign into your google or facebook account on tor, its all for naught

| Tor, tails, disposable laptop with an external wifi antenna, sitting in a disposable car, using a public wifi.
Or you can just stop being a whiny little fag bitch, evil corps don't care what porn you're jerking off to.

| >>612611

Its not possible to stop corporations from tracking you a little but when you use their services- even duckduckgo mentions this when you attempt to open a youtube link through them.

You can cancel out their advertisements by using uMatrix, though- install it on the web browser of your choice (ungoogled chromium for desktkos or fennec for android), and when you enter the site, allow only "googlevideo" to run, and refresh. This is what controls the actual content.

| For general net surfing, whats key is that your browser prevents tracking and also that you don't do anything that implicitly or explicitly reveals information about you- even that you're blocking ads/trackers. This concept is called "fingerprinting" and rather than blanket blocking everything, (which still tells brown nosers that you're some kind of would be anon), some addons may release "garbage" data to further fool would be trackers.

| You can use websites such as prism-break.org and privacytools.io to further augment your personal security, but keep in mind that the tools within run the gamut between "easy" (using a more secure web browser, tracking and ad blockers, not installing garbage on your battlestation) to difficult (using linux, flashing a custom rom on your phone, setting up end to end email and chat encryption, etc). Ultimately, knowledge and knowing exactly what you want will serve you best.

| Also, get a feel for reading privacy policies and TOS of websites, if they're available. dangeru.us has neither of these- instead we have a github you can look through to get a feel for what information we collect, if any. No addon will protect you better than knowing ehat you're up against beforehand.

| >>612680

This gurl is being faceitious, but actually, if you *really* wanted a nuke all option, using a phone or laptop that you wouldn't mind chucking when hell arrives is a pretty good strategy. Use prepaid phone cards for mobile and public wifi for the laptop, and it doesn't matter if you get "backtraced," unless your devices are found and law enforcement finds your fingerprints. But at this point, you're at a paranoia level reserved for literal terrorists or serial killers, so I doubt you'd go this far. Right?

| LAYER1: javascript, cookies
LAYER2: browser fingerprinting
LAYER3: MITM attacks from cloudflare and similar services
LAYER4: server logs, ISP logs, VPN logs, proxy logs et al
LAYER5: operating system and hardware
LAYER6: personal posting patterns

To reach LAYER7 you just have to stop using the Internet.

| >not just being behind 7 proxies

| >>612588 You can't. And you don't need to unless you're a pedo or a marketplace owner. Stop being stupid.

| >>612969
ive been on layer 6 for a while, but i dont think it has to come after some of that other stuff. dont tell the feds but i use proper capitalization and puncuation and grammar on some of my identities. i make the same spelling mistakes on all though, so i might as well turn myself in...

| >>612974 so how long have you been watching children fuck? Cause i can't think of any other reason to do that shit.

| >>612976
if my activities were looking at illegal media then there wouldnt involve much communicating with people and trying to avoid typos. youd have to explain that one to me.

im just a wrongthinker.

| >>612976 could be gay in the middle East you never know

| There's no reason why someone would not want to maintain their privacy.
So i want to assume that anyone saying something like this
is just making a bad joke/baiting
but we live in a society

| i dont like javascript because it makes my computer slow..

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