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Recommended Keyboards?

| Currently looking for a decent replacement keyboard, the one I have now is good, but it is too wide due to the shortcut keys on the side.
What I'm looking for is a clicky mechanical keyboard with a tenkey/numpad, dedicated media keys, and back lighting. MX Blues would be preferred, but I have not used Logitech switches yet, so they may work as well.

| Corsair K70

| >>612556
I have managed to find that exact keyboard about 4 separate times while looking in the last year.
So if I might request, are there literally any other keyboards that would fit?

| HV-KB432L

| Lol
Mitsumi Classic ftw

| >>612571
Corsair K63

| I have a Logitech g710 not sure if that would still be too wide but I've seen it as low as like 50-60 usd

| Redragon K580 VATA:
Dedicated Media Keys
No side-mounted macro keys
Off-Brand mechanical Blue switches

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This thread is permanently archived