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The worlds first mass produced quantum computer (presumably 4-qubit, and and MSRP of at least $1000 USD) will be released within the 2020s.


| >>612093 What usecases does it have

| will it be able to handle Firefox with multiple tabs open?

| >>612094 fortnite, predicting the future to play perfectly for you

| How do they solve the cooling requirements

| how do qbits work networking wise

| >>612096 if you're pc can't you've got bigger problems

| And I think op is underestimating how much they could charge for one, I'm seeing 10k-100k being sold to businesses and nation states

| >>612148
The problem is neither his pc nor his browser. The Problem is how the internet devolved. It all becomes more and more dependent to this inefficient, bloated and telemetry overloaded javascript/html virtualization bullshit. In 2050 a 4-qubit quantum computer will be necessary to write text, thanks to platforms and investors who discover "web 3.0" as the next economical bubble where they can get rid of their toxic values.

| >>612398 Use script blockers, g/u/rl!
Though, that of course doesn't help much with the Electron takeover and everyone using fucking JS to populate static webpages

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This thread is permanently archived