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What is the best browser to use nowadays?


| Telnet

| Heavily cut down version of IE installed and managed by the network admin at your workplace.

| Netscape Navigator

| >>612044 Sadly, none. Firefox used to be good but now they just want to be Chrome and they seem to enjoy the footfag mentality of removing features.
Chrome , besides being botnet, doesn't let you customize the browser at all. In Firefox I can still move the tabs to their rightful position below the address bar (but they want to remove it, fucking footfags), in Chrome it was never an option. And someone thought it's a good idea to have no minimum tab width and no scrolling, so if

| you have many tabs open it's unusable.
>inb4 don't open many tabs
Fuck off footfag, just because you don't use a feature it doesn't mean nobody else should.
And pretty much every other browser is either chromium or some autistic shit that doesn't support anything.

| Firefox is the lesser of all evils currently. Use IceCat if you're into libre purism. You can harden firefox with ghacksuserjs and 12byte's recommended extensions. If you're into privacy, your only option should be the Tor Browser.

| >>612053
>Firefox is the lesser of all evils currently.
Okay that is all I wanted to hear. Thanks fren. What about Brave?

| >>612054 Don't say the B word that tracking crypto scam chromium skin is banned here.

| The one that doesn't give you trouble.

I understand a lot of people use Chrome or Chrome forks. I use Firefox, I know it has 70 settings related to telemetry and whatever the fuck, I just don't care. In the end it's faster for me and has good font rendering.

| I am a webdev and I use chrome almost all the time when coding websites because everybody and their granny is using it. But this is shit.

| >>612044 well, since you can't debuf properly in Chrome 79, i guess it's Edge. my lord. we have come full circle.

| You con try shifting your internet usage off the web.
since all browsers are complete shit as is

| >>612050 use waterfox or palemoon if you don't mind that the devs are assholes to other open source projects

| I use Fennec with some addons for mobile android, and for the battlestation, standard firefox with addons. You can also get a copy of ungoogled chromium and customize it.

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This thread is permanently archived