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anyone still using 8.1?

| it's a spiritual successor to 3.1 imo
windows 10 may be the only thing nowadays but i think more people should consider moving to 8.1

| 8.1 was pretty good but win 10 having extra features and being free got me

| >>610624
>8.1 was pretty good

>Getting dragged behind the car was pretty good because I arrived at the destination

| Had been using 8.1 until this year, then I started to use 10 LTSC, feels as great as 8.1, I use classic shell and don't see much difference other than the metro ui.

| >>610664 yeah yeah memes win 8 is bad, 8.1 is actually fine though IMHO at least the search feature worked unlike win 10

| Last windows I used was 7. I migrated to stable lts gnu/linux distros, because I don't wanna pay for beeing a rat in ms lab anymore. No more banana software! (Ripes at customers homes)
Technically windows may have advanced (by copycat unix features) but the whole telemetry and monopoly shit killed it.

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It's easy to see how inheritly bad it is if you know your shit. Don't even try to make excuses for how much resources it takes up even by doing absolutely nothing let alone when you try to do something.

8.1 is an unfinished mess and 10 was released early because of it.

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Oh, and you can easily turn off file indexing in 10 if it confuses you so much so searches behaves like older versions. This isn't even complicated but I wouldn't expect anything from someone who can't see the faults of 8.1 lol.

| >>610741 I mean it's windows if you're going to use it you have to overlook a lot already

>>610739 can't say I've ran it on anything other than a workstation so I wouldn't have noticed any limited resources

And I'll say windows 8 was definitely an unfinished mess, 8.1 was a good refinement of the idea but the idea is inherently flawed

But since you seem to know so much what is wrong with 8.1 under the hood

| Also the problem I and other people I know have with 10s search is it just not finding shit or it taking way too long, osx also does search indexing and it's quite good and has been for years

| >>610750 meant to finish that with, why don't you explain what's all wrong with it

| >>610753
I don't use windows outside of work so my knowledge is limited. But if M$ themselves actually admits to its faults then I believe them. The start menu alone hogs 1gb of RAM. There's absolutely no reason for a set of shortcuts to take up that amount of memory.

I'm also sceptical to "upgrades" that removes tons of features without replacing them.

I do admit that I don't know the differences between 8 and 8.1 though so I may have spoken out of line.

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We rarely see 8 and 8.1 in my job either but every exploit I've tried worked 100% of the time with zero fuzz. It's inheritly insecure and you only need to learn metasploit to take complete control of a win8 machine.

| Windows 7 is my main, I only games and pr0n on it.

| No it's a laggy piece of crap

| >>610664
getting raped isn't so bad since I'm no longer a virgin.

FRIENDLY PSA: Don't get raped, use Linux ????

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Same here.

| Regarding search indexing:
This isn't a windows specific flaw. I also turn it off in gnu/linux distros and macos. Especially the "baloo" indexer under my beloved KDE is a pain in the ass.
I don't understand why the existing hierarchical filesystem isn't enough to organize data for some users. With file/folder tags, soft- and even more hardlinks it's even equal to a database (=index). And since there are SSDs the regular search is fast enough and much more reliable than indicies.

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