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Guess who said these quotes

| please, keep it tech related.

>i'm not glad he's dead, but i'm glad he's gone

| i did a bit of research before posting today's quote and it seems that its veracity is a bit dubious. anyways, posting it as an historical curiosity

>640K ought to be enough for anyone

also, random moot captchan cameo
>moot roomy crete

| OPs post is about Steve Jobs but I don't know who said it

Is Billie the Gates

| i didn't remember the author, had to look it up. but the quote is pretty awesome

>debugging is twice as hard as writing the code in the first place. therefore, if you write the code as cleverly as possible, you are, by definition, not smart enough to debug it.

| >>610678 that's amazing

| "Communism is soviet power plus electrification of the whole country"

| >>610677
think about people or organizations who hate apple more than micro$oft

| > The day of individual happiness has passed.

| >>610677
i'm giving you another quote by the same author as a clue. pretty wild material here tbhon. only real /g/entoomen will get it

>one of them said he was upset when you talked about nasal sex with plants. i had actually demonstrated this perverse act with the bouquet on the table, at dinner the night before i was sent home. the plants were dead, although well preserved, so i was performing rhinophytonecrophilia on them.

| >>610693
danger/tech/'s favorite power couple

| today's quote is dedicated to pref. i hope they end up fullfilling their dreams and getting a job as a CTO for a big cyberpunk corporation.

>everything fails all the time.

| a truly modern classic

>nvidia, fuck you

| >>610969 loved that talk wish he would do more but I know that's not his thing

Also I hear Nvidia is going to talk about open source at the upcoming events

| >>611027
that's exciting!

this one is not the most representative quote of the author

>they got rid of cd/dvd. they are coming for our guns.

| >if debugging is the process of removing software bugs, then programming must be the process of putting them in

| "Microsoft Works"

| > You are holding it wrong.

| >>610586 how is this /tech/?

| >>611360
It's RMS about Steve Jobs and his non-free software practices.

| >>611370

correct! i'm not sure about the future of rms, though. i'm still shook from when he resigned from the fsf. will he keep doing talks and couch surfing around the world? these talks were the best, i went to one last year and he did like 15 minutes of emacs vs. vim jokes.

>20 years ago we had johnny cash, bob hope and steve jobs. now we have no cash, no hope and no jobs.

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